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Whirlpool Dryer WED7600XW0 Error Codes/Repair


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Feb 23, 2021
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6-10 years
Recently our dryer quit working and simply displays the 'Sensing' indicator light and won't run. The electronics turn on and everything displays but it will not turn on. I read how to get error codes to display and I have two currently. F2 and F25. One indicates the thermistor possibly shorting out and the other it seems references a stuck button possibly and basically shows a new control board needed. I have removed the thermistor and tested it.

From other posts I have read here, it seems the next thing might be the thermal fuse so I plan on trying that tonight. Am I wasting my time by trying to check these things before biting the bullet and replacing the control board? I have also been told to leave it unplugged for 30 minutes then try again. Any and all help, advice, and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
F:02--->Keypad/User Interface Failure
F:02 flashes when there is a stuck button or user interface mismatch. This fault code will ONLY appear when in the diagnostic test mode. See TEST #6, page 8.

F:25--->Inlet Thermistor Shorted
F:25 flashes if the inlet thermistor is shorted. This fault code will ONLY appear when in the diagnostic test mode. See TEST #4a, page 6.

Let's start with the most common part that goes out when the dryer stops running. Make sure you unplug your dryer from the wall outlet first before accessing it and ohm testing it!

Ohm test the white thermal fuse on your blower wheel housing. You will need a multimeter to ohm test it.

Here's the thermal fuse for your model you can order, if yours ohms tests bad:
Thermal Fuse WP3390719

The white thermal fuse is #7. Here's the parts diagram:
(click to enlarge)

Watch this video to ohm test it:

Watch this video to access it, it's the closest video I could locate that shows you where its at, at the 3:08 mark in the video stop it and you will see the white thermal fuse in front of the white thermistor:

Let us know what you find.

After cleaning out several pounds of lint from inside several cavities of the machine and replacing the thermal fuse, I have a running dryer. But after turning it on and letting it run for only a few seconds, a new error message of L2 flashes. Does that mean my heating element is out? I read that the error message means there is an electrical issue TO the heating element. Just wondering what I should try to diagnose next. Appreciate all the help!
After cleaning everything out and resetting everything. It seemed I had a working dryer again. My wife didn't even get a half dozen loads done and the same issue that originally caused this thread happened again. I'm guessing it is indeed the control board.
Wait, the thermal fuse with out again? The dryer won't start and run? If so, you have a vent restriction. Pull your dryer out from the wall and clean all the lint in the back inside the exhaust hose, then go outside and clean the exit vent from the dryer exhaust as well.

Or is the dryer still running but just not heating now?

We cleaned everything from behind all the way out to the outside. It ran for a couple cycles then started doing the same thing it was originally with the sensor indicator and not running. Originally after fixing the thermal fuse, it then showed an error message of L2 and AF. Thats when we did the cleaning. I have not ran the second error code list but assuming it's going to say control board. Am I wrong?
I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.

L2 flashes if low line voltage (less than 50V) is detected at installation.
--->Check to see if a household fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped.
--->Confirm the power cord is properly installed and plugged into the power outlet.
--->Check the relay connections on the machine control electronics. See TEST #4, page 6.

Main Control Board WPW10294316

Restricted Air Flow Condition
AF flashes if a restricted air flow condition exists.
--->Check to make sure the lint screen is clean, the door seal is in place, and the vent is not obstructed.



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