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FIXED Whirlpool dryer WGD5600SQ0 doesn't heat up in Automatic Dry mode

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Dec 6, 2020
New Jersey
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More than 10 years
Dryer doesn't heat up and timer remains as set in Automatic Dry mode. There seems to be occasional clicking, and the drum spins, but the dryer doesn't even get a little warm. Seems to work properly in Timed Dry mode -- though at the end after cool down the timer continues to click and doesn't quite make it to the off position. (One household member claims she's pretty sure the dryer failed to heat up even in Timed Dry mode once recently.) FWIW there doesn't seem to be much lint buildup anywhere.
This dryer is 11 years old.
Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Put the timer on NO HEAT/AIR FLUFF cycle and see if the timer turns off.

If not, the timer is bad.

Here's the timer for your model you can order:
WP8299765 Timer Assembly

Jake, Hello and thanks for the reply.
The drum stops spinning after the set time runs out in FLUFF AIR mode.
Today the dryer is not heating up in any mode (though yesterday it was working in Timed Dry mode). After removing a small plastic cap at the bottom left corner of the front of the machine I can observe (in both Automatic Dry and Timed Dry modes) a brief glow every few minutes (which I suppose is from an ignition unit), but no flame apparently.
Ok, usually that indicates the gas coils have gone bad.

Here's the gas coil kit for your model you can order here:
Gas Coils 279834

Video Included in part link.

Thanks again Jake!
The video you linked to is really clear and the replacement procedure seems quite straightforward. Just one more question if I may. I also viewed another video on this repair, and the tech in that video listed lack of an audible click while the igniter is glowing as another symptom of the gas coils having failed. I just ran a couple of tests and each time I actually did hear a distinct click before the igniter glow had faded out. Is this a significant counter-indication of gas coil failure? Or is this extra bit of information largely irrelevant?
Again, thanks very much for your help.
Ok, Also ohm test the flame sensor and see if it ohms good.

Here's the flame switch(sensor):
Flame Sensor WP338906

Thanks Jake.
I ohm tested the flame sensor and was able to verify continuity.
I attached an 18 second video clip (filmed through the small port on the front of the machine) on the theory that it might have more diagnostic value than my verbal description. It's the snapping sound at about the 10 second mark that I was guessing might be the gas coils opening -- but I really don't know. I attached 4 photos as well. No idea if they reveal anything useful.
Also, I read Tammy's question and the answer provided for her at:
Her situation seems similar to mine, though she's clearly more knowledgeable than I am, as she was able to verify that her gas valves open and coils meter fine. Given the answer provided to Tammy, I'm wondering if it's possible (and if possible, likely) that my igniter is simply not getting hot enough. If there's any further information I can provide to help you determine the most probable culprit (or culprits) behind my dryer's malfunction please let me know.
Thanks again.


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Ok, your flame sensor is good.

You can ohm test the ignitor to see if its weak.

Dryer Igniter 279311

If the igniter ohm tests in range per the video, then I'd order the gas coils.:)

Thanks Jake and Merry Christmas.
Dryer seems to be working fine now (all modes) after replacing the gas coils.
Excellent rws, glad to hear the new gas coils fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

Merry Christmas!

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