Whirlpool Duet Dryer Repair story -- stacked in a tight spot


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Jun 23, 2007
new jersey
This blog helped me in the following jam, so I thought I'd post the results for whomever... Had a Duet set stacked in a closet barely big enough. The dryer would shut off after a few minutes with clothes still wet. After 2 visits from authorized tech (A&E in southern NJ -- terrible, rude, incompetent people) they finally sent the right part but then cancelled our appt. the night before -- with no apologies. Thing is, this was a vacation home and we had to make a special trip to be here. Fortunately, the part had arrived UPS. And then I discovered this forum where I found a link to the top-secret repair manual. (Repeated here: https://secured.whirlpool.com/Service/SrvTechAdm.nsf/2cd44500d572193285256a45004fd9d6/cdce3c10dcb5382285256aa20064beaa/$FILE/Duetdry.pdf)

The tricky part was getting the dryer out of a closet that was only a few inches bigger than the washer-dryer stack. The closet was at the stop of a staircase with only about a 30 x 30" landing. Solution: I found a chest of drawers about the same height as the washer (approx. 38") and placed it in front of the washer. Removed the dryer door and lower panel to make it easier to get hold of. Tilted the dryer back and slipped an old chunk of carpet under it (my wife helped). Then the 2 of us slid it out onto the chest quite easily by pulling the carpet. Only then could I get to the screws in the back that let me pop off the top lid and replace the control board -- all of which was a breeze once we figured out a viable way to get the dryer out.

All so-called "service" organizations need to die. Thanks to this blog and all the other posters who help folks like me outsmart these jerks. Oh, and in my opinion, it's still a cr*ppy dryer.