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Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine (WFW70HEBW0) Drain Pump


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Oct 12, 2022
Inverness Fl
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1-5 years
Hello. The Drain Pump on my Whirlpool Duet model WFW 70HEBW0 went out. It has drain pump part # WPW10391443. Is this the only drain pump it can take or are there any other part # that would fit this machine? I'm having trouble locating the part in my area for a decent price. The local stores tell me $200 to $300. I found it online for closer to $100 but it's out of stock so I was seeing if I could use any other pumps.
Thank you

I found on in stock at APP for $170.00


LINK> Water Pump Assembly

I found a dirt cheap one on Amazon....but I have never heard of this company so I have no idea of the quality!!

jeff sr.
Thank you for the suggestions, I think we found it for around $50 + shipping.

Replacing the part now, but it has 2 plugs that look identical, does it matter which goes on which prong? The only difference I can find, on the white plugs 1 says 16 amps, the other says 22 amp but I cant find anything indicating a difference on the prongsEverything I find and all videos show a pump with only 1 larger plug, looks like the 2 cords just go into 1 plug instead of 2. I just dont want to mess something up plugging it in backwards.
Thank you again for any help, it is very appreciated!!!


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