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Whirlpool electric range YWFE550S0HZ front edge scorching hot when using oven


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May 28, 2021
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Hi folks,

I bought a Whirlpool YWFE550S0HZ and have found that the front edge of the cooktop gets scorching hot when using the oven. If you didn't know it heats up you could easily burn yourself. I have contacted Whirlpool and they said it is normal for this range, they "do their best" to insulate it but it is metal and will conduct heat. They were more interested in whether I did burn myself rather than the potential of someone (myself, a child, or a future homeowner) burning themselves on it.

I am wondering if it is normal for the front edge of the cooktop to get scorching hot when using the oven. I don't believe it is a door seal issue. I tested the door seal in the following way:
- cut a strip of very thin paper
- open the door, hold the paper strip across the point where the door would meet the seal
- close the door and see if the door/seal interface "grips" the paper when pulling it out
- I found that the door does "grip" the paper all the way around, after the door has been given a little shove closed

I am aware of the UL temperature limits, and that there is not a temperature limit for the cooktop when the oven is in use. Still, this feels like a big safety hazard to me.

I have marked up the photo below for reference. What seems to happen is:
- area circled in green gets hot
- the whole front edge circled in red becomes hot, I assume through conduction
- the remaining areas around the edge become hot. There's also a small spot in the middle-right of the cooktop that becomes hot.

Based on the location that gets hot first (circled in green), it isn't a result of the oven vent which is at the back left.

Looking forward to your insight whether this is normal and, if not, what could be causing this abnormality.

That front edge usually gets warm due to heat escaping through the door (hot air rises). There shouldn't be any components in that area that would generate other heat.

Make sure the door is closing properly. The door seal might also compress a bit with age, making a better seal.

You can read the legally allowable surface temperatures for ranges at the following link. If your temperatures are above that, stop using the range and call for warranty service.

LINK > Appliance411 : FAQ : How hot should my stove be to the touch?

Dan O.
Hi Dan,

Thank you for the response. I have seen those limits and, unfortunately, it identifies "no temperature limits" to the cooktop. The part that gets hot on my range is the front edge of the cooktop.

I have troubleshot the door seal and, as far as I can tell, it seals well - especially in the area where it the cooktop first gets hot. I'm at a loss, unless there is some heat leakage internally. I see that the oven has a front section that screws into the wall/top section of the oven - perhaps heat is leaking through that joint and up?


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