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Whirlpool Front Load WFW72HEDW0 banging noise during spin cyc


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Jan 17, 2015
Ft. Worth, TX
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6-10 years
Good afternoon folks,

My Whirlpool front load washer is making a loud banging noise during the spin cycle.
I just replaced all four of the shock absorbers ( one went in upside down, hope that doesn’t matter), but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

the washer works fine otherwise, but I’m afraid something will get damaged with this vibration and knocking.

Short video is attached.




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Hi Dave, Yes, I heard it.

I'd first check the rotor bolt and see if its loose.

Here's the rotor bolt:
Screw W11253212

This video gives you the general idea of how to access it:

Also check the motor rotor to make sure its not cracked.

Here's the motor rotor for your model:
Rotor Assembly WPW10453673

If the rotor and rotor bolt are fine, then you'd need new bearings, but the new bearings only come with the outer and inner tub assembly, the price for the outer and inner tub assembly is over $1000:

It would be more wise to save the repair money for the outer and inner tub assembly for a new washer.
Thanks for the diagnosis and the advice Jake.

Bolt is tight, and rotor is intact.
Looks like we‘ll be shopping for a new washer.
Ok Dave, thanks for the update!

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