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FIXED Whirlpool Gas Dryer LGR7646EQ3 Working Normally After Repair, Gas Smell When Not Running For Days


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Aug 14, 2022
United States
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More than 10 years
This is a 20 year old Whirlpool gas dryer. About a month ago, we noticed that the clothes were still wet at the end of the normal cycle. It would create heat at the start of the cycle, but cut off after a few minutes. With a multimeter, I tested the thermal fuse, the dryer igniter, the gas valve solenoids and the radiant heat sensor. One of the solenoids gave a bad reading, so I replaced them both. The dryer went back to working as normal.

Yesterday, three weeks after the repair, we noticed the smell of gas around the dryer (not in use.) The dryer is in our basement and we had not used it for three days (and the power to the dryer was off.) We just happened to be down there and could smell it when we stood close to the dryer. Opening the basement window was enough to quickly dissipate the smell.

We had the gas company come to check it within one hour. Their gas detector didn't pick up leak readings around the dryer or anywhere in our home. And at that point, there was no smell of gas in the basement. However, when the tech stuck his head into the drum, there was still a slight smell of gas inside. But again, not enough to register on his detector.

The tech turned on the dryer and it worked fine. After we shut the dryer off, there was no smell of gas. We left it that way for ten minutes, and still no smell of gas. But, to be safe, we then shut off the gas line to the unit until I could find the source and fix it.

Is the 20 year old dryer's gas valve the likely culprit of this subtle leak?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Ok Anthony, sounds good, let us know how it goes.

Update: I replaced the gas valve on Sunday (4 days ago.) Repair went smoothly. Dryer is working fine. Has sat unused since Sunday and so far there has been no gas smell. Thanks again for the advice.

Excellent Anthony, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!


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