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Whirlpool Gas range, oven intermittently will ignite, but not reignite after reaching temp, WEG760H0DS0


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Feb 20, 2023
Nampa, ID
Model Number
6-10 years

So my whirlpool oven has not been working normally for the past 6-9 months. The oven would ignite like normal, would pre-heat to temp, then would not keep temp. (I used a thermostat/thermometer in it it to check this) I would turn it off for 15 -30 secs, hit bake again and set temp then start and it would heat back up normally and work like normal. Now over the last month it wont even ignite most of the time. I will have to retry several times before it finally ignites, it would preheat to temp and not keep temp. Sometimes I would cancel it try the broiler, which would ignite without problem, however now Broiler ignites intermittently as well or not at all. After much time on youtube and searching the internet, i ordered (from appliancepartpros) a new oven spark module (W10860916) as well as igniter (WPW10324262). Sunday I replaced the spark module. And same problem continues. I have not replaced igniter at this time. Oven uses Whirlpool Direct Spark Ignition.

Stove burners work fine and ignite with no problem.

Now for some back story for further info that may help. The outlet my oven is plugged into for the electronics on it, is also downline form an outlet and and a GFCI outlet. This GFCI outlet would intermittently trip and I would have no idea why. It finally would not even reset so I thought it was bad. I replaced the GFCI outlet with a new GFCI outlet and it kept tripping, so I replaced GFCI outlet with a non GFCI outlet. Now I am thinking my oven may have been the culprit causing the original GFCI outlet to trip.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

I attached pics of Original spark module and New Spark module. New spark module was questionable with a few bent parts to it. :(



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    Original Spark Module.jpg
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I have not replaced igniter at this time.
That would likely be the issue then.

Here's the oven bake ignitor for your model:
WPW10324262 Igntr-Oven

I'd also check the bake burner port holes. Unplug the range first! Then Remove the bake burner assembly and where the igniter sparks you'll see small port holes. Take a wire brush and clean the burner assembly. Be sure to get the small port holes next to the igniter.

I'd first check the the small port holes on the oven bake burner assembly, lots of the small port holes may be partially clogged/gunked up, especially near the spark igniter.
Thanks for the reply Jake,

Took out the new spark module tonight and replaced with original one,(to rule out one vs the other) cleaned out the burner tube (wire brush and air compressor) and installed new oven bake igniter. So far oven is running normally at the moment. Have had it on for an hour now and no problems. Will keep checking it for the next several days.

Thanks again.
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!
Appears oven is not fixed anymore....looks like I am back to square one. Oven won't ignite again. Yesterday and today. Hit bake button and start and no light, no spark, no usual sound of gas flow, oven screen just shows preheating and that is all.
Any more ideas on what this could be. Should I put the new spark module back in and see how it goes?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Should I put the new spark module back in and see how it goes?
Yes, I would.

Also check for a pinched going to the oven ignitor
so far no luck, replaced spark module with new spark module, no pinched wires that I could find or see. Oven still will not ignite. Broiler will not ignite as well. What do I check out now?
Any thoughts would be appreciated...and thanks so far.

Ok so I just went back to my oven and hit the bake and start button to preheat to 350 and I here the little click from the resistor or whatever it is, then it fired up about a second later and has been running appropriately for the last 30 mins. This intermittent issue is going to drive me crazy.

Thoughts please.
Ok, something is very odd, you will definitely need to contact Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 and have a tech come out, the tech can call the factory on a special FACTORY HOTLINE tech number from your house, and the factory can get involved in investigating why this is happening.
Ok thanks, that is the way I was leaning. Thanks for your input. I thought I had it fixed...until I didn't. :confused:


Let us know what they find if you could please.
Will do...still trying to decide if I go through the expense of another technician, new parts, labor, etc, or look at a new range. :confused:
Wait, I just noticed something you said earlier:
Broiler will not ignite as well.
Look at this thread Rick helped on:

Check to see if your getting 216 ohms at both the bake and broil solenoids. Make sure you unplug the range first!

Your model uses that same exact Regulator:
Regulator W10861656
I think I have looked over that post so I will check that this weekend. I do have a tech coming out on Monday to check the oven out as well after looking at the price of new ovens the other night! I think I will put the original parts back in it before the tech checks it and I I will see if I can check that regulator out as well.
Ok, that sounds good.:)

Let us know how it goes.
I went ahead and checked the ohms on the gas valve/regulator last night...did not get a reading close to 216ohms, Kinda bounced around from 180 to 200 on each solenoid (not the easiest area to access for me or keep the multimeter probes in contact so May not be the most accurate reading). Then I preceded to put back original spark module and bake igniter. Plugged stove back in and turned gas on. Hit bake 350 and start and oven fired right up after a few clicks of the igniter...ran it for 10 mins it cycled on and off to keep temp like it should. Turned it off and went to bed.
I still plan on having tech come out and check everything out and get his input. Looks like it just may be the gas regulator though. 🤞
Yes, both should be at 216 ohms.

I still plan on having tech come out and check everything out and get his input. Looks like it just may be the gas regulator though.
Yes, that's fine, and yes its possibly that gas regulator that is the culprit.
Appliance tech coming out today to check on oven...and oven has been working fine all weekend! (of course) I have a list of items I want checked out. Any thoughts on what else I should have checked while he is with my oven?

Nope, nothing else I can think of.

Hopefully the tech. finds the issue!
ok, so quick update. Tech came out 2 weeks ago after I put oven back together with original parts and checked ohms on gas valve. Oven has been working fine since. Tech was going to check with whirlpool regarding symptoms my oven was having but he called me back a few days later stating he was unable to get any info.
at this time oven continues to work like normal. Who knows.
Thanks for your help and input fella's

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