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Whirlpool GMC275PRB00 wall oven/microwave GMC275PRB00 display is dark


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Jul 2, 2018
Slidell, LA
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I have a 27" Whirlpool GMC275PRB00 wall oven / microwave combo unit. This unit was purchased new in 2005. It was damaged by a nearby lightning strike in September 2021. Since that time the display is dark. The serviceman who looked at it in my home said that the "main circuit board" was probably fried.

He said this based on prior experience only as he didn't do any troubleshooting. Later he call to say that he couldn't get parts and that I would have to replace the unit. Replacement is further complicated by the fact that I am trying to fit a new unit into an existing cut-out and to obtain something in black or black stainless to match other appliances in the kitchen.

As you might expect, replacements are almost impossible to locate. I have seen a site that claims to sell a refurbished circuit board for around $180 and I would have to remove the old board and return that to them.

My questions are: (a) how likely is it that the problem can be solved by replacement of a single circuit board? (b) I have the external trim removed so that the unit could be pulled out of the cabinet; are there on-line videos showing removal of this board; (c) I am reasonable handy and have tools and voltmeter; is this something that I should be trying on my own?
Yes it needs a main control board and it is discontinued. What I have done in this situation is I have sent the board off to be repaired. https://www.fixyourboard.com/ is the one I've used. They have a quick turnaround time. I think they have a 2 year warranty. I have never had a problem with the boards they have fixed for me.
Shawnryan111 - Thanks for the information. Sounds like you have professional experience with similar equipment. I have seen an online service that sells Whirlpool service manuals for this oven for about $17 (download PDF)...so I am thinking about ordering that. I am assuming that the circuit board in question is located on top of the unit behind the control panel. Can I remove the board by pulling the oven a foot or so out of the cabinet or will I have to remove it completely? I don't have a suitable oven dolly so I would have to make some arrangements if that were necessary.
Generally speaking you should be able to access the control without having the oven out. You may have to pull it out a little to access screws. If do this yourself be sure to document with pictures or draw a diagram where each wire goes. Make sure the power is off and stays off until the control is back in place.

Call and talk to them at fixyourboard.com and they will tell you if they can repair this problem. The part number for the board you need repaired is 8303819 make sure they can handle the repair and they will tell you how to proceed.

Things I didn't ask i just assumed but since no troubleshooting was done we don't know. The unit has power? Does it respond the button presses at all for example do you hear a beep and/or will the oven heat if you make an entry (even though the screen is blank). Or is is dead. It most likely is the control but I want to make sure.
We had a nearby lightning strike in September 2021 that damaged this appliance and several others in my home. I had a serviceman look at this oven a few days later. He didn't take anything apart but said that the main board was probably fried. The next day he called to tell me that parts were no longer avavlable and that the oven would have to be replaced.

To date, I have had no luck finding a replacement. It's a 27" unit and I have been trying to locate a similar new Whirlpool (in black to match other appliances) unit so as to have it fit into the existing cut-out. However, very few if any 27" oven/microwave units in any brand or color seem to be available today.

But to answer your questions, the oven breaker is on. The display is dark and doesn't respond to random button presses. Is there a particular series of button entries that I should use? From what I can see, neither the oven or microwave unit will come on.
I have been trying to locate a similar unit so as to have it fit into the existing cut-out.

Which is what size exactly? Maybe others can make a suggestion?

Dan O.
Main thing we need to know before sending off the board is if the board is getting power. I pulled up the wiring diagram a while ago I will look at it in a little while and see if we can work it out
You will need to use a voltage tester to check voltage on the board to verify that the board is the problem.

Look for the black wire on the terminal marked p24-3 and a white wire marked p24-1. You should get 120v on those 2 wires. If you do get voltage and the display isn't lit up I would say the board is bad and you can choose to send it off for repair if that's the route you want to take.

You should be able to find a new oven that will fit if you rather do that. Slight cabinet modification it almost unavoidable you usually don't find exact fit.
Shawnryan111 - Many thanks to you and others for the advice and information. I'll post a followup as I proceed.
I took another set of dimensions on my oven cabinet. I think these are called european style cabinets as they have no face frames. Outside dimensions of the cabinet are 30-7/8" wide x 46-1/2" high. The inside dimensions of the box are 29-9/16" wide x 43-1/3" high. I think the panels are metric and appear to be about 17 mm thick.

There appears to be a double layer of panels on both the bottom and top of the box.. In looking at some of the installation diagrams for 30" oven/microwave combo units, it looks like they would fit into this cabinet.

For example the Frigidaire FCWM3027AB install sheet shows a cabinet that is 30-1/8" outside width with a cutout of 28-1/2" x 41-1/4". The internal part of that oven is 28-7/16" wide. This is about 1-1/8 smaller overall than the ID of the cabinet or slightly more than 1/2" clearance on each side. I was assuming that a 30" oven would require a cabinet larger than 30' wide.

However, I looked at LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire and all showed installing their 30" oven in a 30" wide (outside) cabinet. From this I assume that if a 30" combo unit can be found, I can safely install it in my cabinet. Am I missing something?

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