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Whirlpool GMC305PDS3 Combo control board, control pad & oven cooking issues


Jan 20, 2021
Model Number
More than 10 years
Howdy, we have the above combo oven, manufactured in 2000. Some things have been replaced over the last 20 years. I've skimmed thru & searched thru 66 pages here over the last few weeks on this ovens issues.

Since early December 2020, a series of issues have developed that had us replacing parts but are now at a point of asking for current knowledge/input. Some of the error codes recorded are E0F3 & E2 n :F3 Id: 30 in

December 2020, baking happening at 350-375 range, needed to increase heat, pushed up button to increase to get 475 or so & oven went into self clean type mode, door locked, top broiler came on at extreme temp. Finally shut off oven at breaker and let oven cool. Door unlocked after cooling. Error code E2 n :F3 Id: 30 in was on screen.

Turned breaker back on but not the oven, 5+ minutes later oven started up on own, locked door again again & top element heating. Breaker off. Couldn't leave breaker on as broiler element started heating up on its own with oven off.

After researching online error codes we went thru & replaced following over the last month & half. Both were bad & none are oem:
Temperature sensor in oven
Thermal fuse on back of oven

Oven still didn't work, research stated error code meant bad control board so pulled it #WP4456048 & sent to reputable board repair business here in Texas. They repaired board & sent back w/test results showing passed all areas.

Installed rebuilt board. powered up oven from breaker and are now at this point January 20th, 2021. It is kind of a mixed bag of different buttons turning on the wrong things & things not working like it should.

1. Panel clock works & numbers visible. Timer works.

2. All oven functions on screen recognize input; pushing bake & broil buttons show those words on the screen , the temperature, & "start?" below set temperature all are there. Once you push start to bake or broil, the oven fan comes on, the usual sounds from last 20 years seem to be showing that oven is preheating to cook, but neither element heats up. So every button & function on oven side looks like its working & is on the screen but no heat to cook; bake or broil.

3. Microwave takes all commands normally except 1 command but does not heat; time, power level, baked potato, defrost, reheat, etc all show up on screen as normal, the button "warm/hold" when pushed starts microwave and it runs even when door is opened while it is running on this command. Starting the microwave starts the oven broiler element heating. Don't know if a self clean temp or if 500 regular broil temp as don't let it run after finding out broiler heats up when microwave is started.

So with rebuilt control board installed we have the following
1. All functions on both ovens showing on screen & pushing buttons makes it appear both ovens are ready to start cooking.
2. Neither element in oven will heat once start is pushed.
3. Starting microwave starts the broiler element heating unknown if regular broiler temp or higher or lower. Microwave does not heat.
4. Pushing "warm/hold" micro button starts up right away without pushing start button, but doesn't heat & it continues to run when door is opened.

Couple user notes about what I did & didn't do.

*Didn't take pictures of board connectors on rebuilt board. (Usually do that) Is it possible I plugged some connectors in wrong way or not in right spots? Know they are numbered structured so its almost impossible to plug a connector into a different area but possible to have some of these not be aligned accurately or reversed? Cleaned the ribbon, made sure inserted correctly & securely, anything else about the ribbon? If this is issue, is there a tech sheet to this model so I can check wiring connections?

*5-6 months ago, the oem baking element broke, replaced it with aftermarket element. Baked fine since replacing. did notice a bit of "burned"/messed up on one of 1/4" side connectors that connects to element. Possible that can cause an issue?

Possible one of the replaced parts, temperature sensor or thermal fuse causing error?

I'm leaning towards control board connections not plugged in correctly and/or control panel/pad being bad, except it takes all commands like it should, just doesn't heat in either oven and microwave starts heating up the broiler element.

Appreciate any help.