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FIXED Whirlpool Gold GI7FVCXWY00 Freezer Cold / Fridge Not Cold


Jul 23, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
I've decided to make this post in order to save others the hassle of everything I recently went through and share what information I learned.
Hopefully, it will save some people from succumbing to the bandwagon of planned obsolescence that so many greedy companies seem to be hopping on.
Personally, I'm not made of money and - in this case - wasn't about to purchase a whole new fridge since Whirlpool decided to discontinue a simple fan with no replacement available.

I have a Whirlpool Gold GI7FVCXWY00 french-door, bottom-freezer unit with ice & water dispensers in the door.
From time-to-time, we noticed the upper refrigerator portion started to get warm. Freezer was still cold, but the fridge was not.
This also caused the watery ice that others have also experienced. We would empty the fridge into coolers and run a defrost, thinking that was the culprit.

THEN I found:
That helped me pinpoint the source of the problem! A very big THANK YOU to Jake and all!

As many of you have noticed the replacement fan motor mentioned in the thread is unfortunately no longer available - with no substitute offered.
This was Whirlpool part #W10281584 (AP4503588), which was a Panasonic FDQT26MTG 12V/4.2W motor.
W10281584 - FDQT26MTG.jpg

A couple places said the only replacement is Whirlpool part #WPW10276647 (AP6018423), which is also Panasonic FDQT26MTH 12V/4.2W motor - but with a thermistor, switch, and elaborate wiring harness.
THIS IS NOT A DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THE UPPER EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR. However, it is a direct replacement for the lower evaporator fan motor located in the back of the freezer.
I mean, I guess if you really wanted to, you could cut off the wiring harness and solder the old connector on and use just the motor in the upper compartment, but you'd be paying a lot for a bunch of stuff that you would be cutting off and throwing away.
W10276647 - FDQT26MTH.jpg

With a bit more digging, I stumbled on reddit.com/r/appliancerepair/comments/5x7nzv/whirlpool_equivalent_replacement_fans/
The author had a similar problem and researched the possibility of using Whirlpool part #W10308033, which is a Panasonic FDQT26MTJ 12V/4.2W motor.
I contacted the author for an update and he said he did the swap in 2014 and when he sold the house in 2019 it was still running strong.
THIS IS NEARLY IDENTICAL TO THE W10281584! The ONLY difference is the rubber grommet.
Same voltage. Same wattage. Same connector. Same rotation direction. Same outer case shape (this is important!)!
I took a razor and made a slit above each wire on the old unit to remove it and it easily popped right onto the new unit.
W10308033 - FDQT26MTJ.jpg


If you order a W10308033 to fix your fridge, you will most-likely be sent a W11529245, which is a Panasonic FDQB28WPB 12V/2.5W.
This is the Whirlpool replacement for the W10308033 (I'm not sure why since it's not the same wattage, size or shape).
The W11529245 will not fit in the motor bracket in the upper evaporator circulation unit.
Here is the comparison:

In summary, a W10308033 is a perfect replacement for the W10281584 upper evaporator fan motor on a Whirlpool GI7FVCXWY0* fridge.
There are plenty of places that still have old stock or you might be able to find them on ebay (which is what I ended up doing).

Guess what - It works perfectly and I didn't have to buy a new fridge!
...and shame on Whirlpool for discontinuing a part and not providing a replacement.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!
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