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Whirlpool HE Top-Load washer WTW5100HW0 F7E1 error


Aug 12, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
I was able to find online that this error leads to possibly replacing the shift actuator. Ordered and replaced the part, but am still receiving the error code *sometimes*. I've run "drain and spin" cycles, and a "quick" cycle with the washer empty. Previously, the "drain and spin" cycle would look like its going to start, click and hum a few times, then go right to 1 minute left, drain, and ping "washing complete" as if it had gone through everything correctly (but show no error). After replacing the part, the "drain and spin" cycle seems to run correctly, as expected. The "quick" cycle however, runs nearly normally until the final spin near the end of the cycle - it seems like the slow and middle spin speeds are fine, but when it tries to go faster, it switches back to sensing, tries again once or twice, then shows the error. Started the whole thing over with one towel in it just to see if it made any difference, and it ran through the entire "quick" cycle fine. I did hear it sound like it was losing power or something when starting to spin in the fast speed - just a kind of small pause just after it started to change speeds once or twice, then it carried on. It did seem a bit slower than I remember it being before having issues, but it was in fact faster than the middle speed. With that one running fine, I took out my one towel and washed a small load of laundry. Once again it got all the way to the final spin and kept switching back and forth from "spinning" to "sensing", but after several minutes, still had not shut off with an error. It was work clothes I needed for the next day so I got frustrated, cancelled the cycle, and ran a "drain and spin" to finish the load. "Drain and spin" did not complete as expected - it did all its sensing, ran for a few minutes on slow spin, the I heard the small pauses as it tried to go into the middle speed, and then it stopped and showed the error again.
I spoke to a local appliance tech and he told me a few more things to check and try before making an expensive service call. I'm hoping to not end up replacing the very expensive drive assembly.
It spins freely, with no unusual noise - the tech showed me a different washing machine that had the bearings go bad and listen to the sound it was making and I do not hear that (or anything) when manually spinning the drum in my machine. Its nice and quiet and smooth as I would expect. He also told me he'd had a couple calls out here in the country where mice presumably had carried dog food and other little goodies up into various crevices in the bottom of the machine that had caused issues. I haven't been back under my machine to check for anything like this, but didn't notice anything (sounds or visually) moving around when I replaced the actuator yesterday.

I've been all over google looking for other troubleshooting tips before i end up with the expensive parts and/or service call. but I cant find much at all about my specific washer. I've found many many suggestions for how to "reset" a washer, or how to put it into diagnostic mode for tests and checks, but they've all been for a washer with a knob. mine has the electronic control panel with no knob and no clicky buttons. At this point, I have some things I'll try after work, but don't expect much help, and I feel like I'm running in circles with no luck. i really feel right now like i am the only person on the planet that has this particular machine! i have absolutely loved it for 2 years, with the only issue being large loads get off balance occasionally. then over this past weekend started getting the F7E1 error pretty consistently.

please help!


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

F7E1--->Tachometer missing or Wrong Signal

Fault is stored when the ACU cannot read the speed or power from the tachometer.
--->Check connections to the ACU.
--->Complete TEST #1: Main Control (ACU).
--->Complete Sensor Feedback Motor Speed Tachometer test.

Here's the ACU for your model: W11543996

Also download the Whirlpool APP and check for a software update.

www.whirlpool.com/connect for Whirlpool washers and
www.maytag.com/connect for Maytag washers



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