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FIXED Whirlpool latch issue? (able to run with steps) - WDF750SAYB1


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Jan 20, 2018
Model Number
6-10 years
Dishwasher will fail to start after < 1 min with blinking Start and Washing buttons. After some research, figured it might be latch related. For a while we did the following successfully:
  1. Shut it firm-ish
  2. Apply pressure near the top of the door
  3. Start button, continue to apply pressure
  4. Wait until washer gets past intermittent startup which takes about 1 min
  5. If it fails, and starts flashing, go to step 1, but usually this worked
After some weeks of operating like this, it got to where it was working normally. Issues started again today, more finnicky on the steps.

Before I order parts, just want to make sure what part might be going wrong. Not sure if it's the latch, the part the latch snugs into. Saw some info saying it might be a hinge.

Try what Paul mentioned here first:
So I read many threads about the latch not closing properly; that's exactly what it was. Fixed by prying the latch down a little so that it better engages on the door.
Your model uses that exact same door latch strike plate.
WPW10300779 Plate-Latch Strike
Thanks Jake! Sure hope that is my issue. I'll try this later tonight and report back on next use.
Ok, sounds good.

If that does not work, Also check the door latch switch.

First remove the electrical connector from the door latch switch and ohm test it for continuity, also see if its broken.

The door latch switch is inside the assembly, just put your meter probes on the end of the electrical connector of the switch and push-in on the switch lever and see if you get continuity, continuity is 0 ohms.

Here's the door latch switch assembly for your model:
W10619006 Latch-Door

"How to" video included in part link to remove and replace it.

Saw some info saying it might be a hinge.
It that was the case, the door would go down further than level when the door is fully opened.
I bent the latch down a bit by hand. Hard to tell just how much is needed so I went a bit easy on it, don't want to over do it.

First test this morning, no issues! It's only one data point, but seems like a reasonable solution. I'll try to remember to confirm it in a few weeks testing, but if I forget, assume it is fixed.

Thanks a bunch, helpful people on forums to the rescue again!
Sounds good, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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