Nov 26, 2012
Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
I purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher model WDF510PAYS which never worked. Whirlpool sent out APPLE APPLIANCE out three to four times, and they were never able to fix the dishwasher. In addition, the serviceman brought his son out to the service call and never left any paperwork with my tenants. Apple Appliance would take 2-3 weeks to simply schedule a service all; and I would personally get the parts they requested from Whirlpool direct, since they were unable to simply get the right parts. I had the correct parts finally FedEx'ed out, and APPLE appliance not only didn't fix the dishwasher, they stole the parts and blamed the entire problem on insects!! 4 months of their inefficiency, and finally, they blame it on insects. Whirlpool corporate has been no help at all. One person offered to have Lowe's install the correct dishwasher, but she has not returned a call in over a month. I am left with no other options but to take Whirlpool to small claims court and Apple Appliance for stealing the FedEx parts that I worked so had in getting expedited out here to Maui. I have contacted Whirlpool corporate and was given a line item dismissal to my dismay. I feel incredibly let down by Whirlpool; I lost 4 months in discounted rent to my tenants who had no dishwasher and Ive had no dishwasher at all, and Whirlpool is not willing to work with me to fix the situation at ALL. As an editor of a newspaper, I have yet to begun to tell my story and hope that I can educate other consumers about how Whirlpool has left me high and dry. A broken dishwasher sold, a dysfunctional service company, and final dismissal of all service help due to Apple appliance's claims that there are bugs present. UNBELIEVABLE.

To Whom it may concern, here are the facts regarding the purchase and failed repair attempts for my Whirlpool Dishwasher.

Here are the facts regarding the Whirlpool Dishwasher incident. In short, a faulty dishwasher was sold to me, the warranty was a “repair” warranty, so Whirlpool contracts with a company called Apple Appliance here on Maui. They are located in Wailuku, and not very fond of driving to Lahaina, but they are under contract and are being paid by Whirlpool to service their machines.

Here are the facts:

• Whirlpool Dishwasher Model #WDF510PAYS was purchased from Lowe’s, Maui on August 6th, 2012, and installed correctly on August 7th.
• Upon starting the machine, water shot out of the broken motor assembly at the bottom of the machine. Whirlpool was contacted and they, in turn, contacted Apple Appliance.
• Apple Appliance (Claudine and Norm) waited until August 15th to come to fix the machine.
• On Aug 16, I rec’d this email: “Aloha Mark,Norm states that the dishwasher needs a new pump motor, part # W10300741. Could you please contact Whirlpool to verify that is one of the parts that they are sending? Thank you! Claudine”
• Because Appliance seemed unable to communicate with Whirlpool in a timely fashion, I stepped in and tried to expedite the correct parts being sent out on several occasions.
• Apple waits until August 21 to make another attempt at fixing the dishwasher with the parts they requested and I expedited from Whirlpool Corporate (30 minute wait times on hold, etc...)
• On August 28th I rec’d this email: Aloha Mark, Just wanted to let you know that the dishwasher repair was completed on 08/28/12. Thank you very much for your assistance! Claudine
• The dishwasher, in fact, was not fixed. It is not cleaning dishes. My tenant, Teresa is beyond livid at this point; every time Norm comes out, he brings his young child, spends the least possible time ‘fixing’ the dishwasher to the best of his abilities’, leaves no paperwork, nor explanation, just leaves with his son. Teresa is left totally in the dark and I am left playing referee between Claudine, Norm and Teresa.
• September 19th-Apple finally acknowledges that the dishwasher is not cleaning, and thinks they installed the wrong parts. They inform me that they don’t think they can fix it: We are unable to authorize replacement of the unit, that would be something you could discuss with the manufacturer or the store where the unit was purchased. Take care, Claudine
• October 4th - Apple emails me: Just wanted to let you know the diagnosis and parts needed. The motor is not running due to an electrical malfunction. A new motor, part # W10300741, and electronic control, part # W10473195 are recommended. Unfortunately, both parts are out of stock with our parts distributor in Honolulu. If you would be willing to call Whirlpool to request that they send the parts to us that would be helpful.
• I contact Whirlpool AGAIN, and get the parts that Apple somehow finds impossible to locate, and get Whirlpool to Fed Ex them directly to Teresa at my house.
• October 23 -Apple makes another run at fixing the dishwasher; this time they give up, blame it on “INSECTS” (??) and TAKE the parts fed ex’ed to me. Stealing the parts needed for my dishwasher and further confirming the fact that they are so incompetent they: Have not been able to procure parts for the dishwasher, I HAVE. They asked for the wrong parts the first time, they so a half-ass attempt at fixing the dishwasher, with no positive results, then simply pack up and leave with no work order, or explanation, again, bringing their young child with them on what should be professional appliance repair jobs, and finally, pick a flimsy excuse like insect infestation for the reason why the dishwasher doesn’t work, and can never be fixed by them or anybody else.
•At this point, I contact Whirlpool Corporate and demand a new dishwasher. They explain again that my warranty is service only, and after I explain the inadequacy of Apple Appliance and the lack of other Appliance repair people on Maui, they acquiesce and agree to have Lowe’s deliver and install a new dishwasher, citing special circumstances and acknowledging the incredible incompetence on Apple’s part.

In the meantime, I’ve been placating an angry tenant and have had to discount their rent, as the rental contract stated that a new dishwasher would be installed for their use the entire time and they are paying a premium rent price.

Apple Appliance has cost me $200/month for what will be 4 months by the time a dishwasher is installed. Their incompetence has taken hours of my time, spending countless periods on hold with Whirlpool doing their job and obtaining parts they asked for (many of which were the wrong part). Apple Appliance has been a disaster to work with, from Norm who hated having to drive to Lahaina, only to grumble and argue with my tenant unprofessionally, to Claudine’s inability to obtain parts, and communicate with her employer, Whirlpool; asking me to get her parts, have them expedited and the like.

I would like Apple Appliance to know that this misdeed will not go away quietly. I am drafting letters to my local newspapers, detailing my horrible experience, have reported their theft to Whirlpool, and am seeking at the very least, the lost rent due to their incredible inadequacy as authorized Whirlpool repair persons.


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Your story doesn't add up - the company that installed your dishwasher should have ran it upon installation. If it really exploded on it's first use like you claim it did, then the tech would have seen it and you wouldn't have to chase them down....

For future reference, regardless of whether it's for a rental or for your personal use: Bosch dishwashers are so much better than anything else on the market, it's ridiculous. Bosch dishwashers start at $400 and go up - just like Whirlpool. Bosch are powerful, quiet, reliable, and solid machines in general. Everything other than Bosch is junk by comparison.

Good luck and mahalo!