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Whirlpool Quiet Partner II model DU1101XTPQ6 "light wash" button flashing


Sep 12, 2023
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hello everyone. I've got the above model dishwasher, with a S/N of FS4701997, which I assume means it was made in 1997. Sounds right; it's been in the house a long while. Anyway, the "light wash" button is flashing. It did this a few months back and resetting it at the circuit breaker fixed it. This time I've tried some of the threads I've found on this site. So far I've tried:

1. doing the heated dry/normal buttons reset method a couple times. Nothing.
2. shut the power off, Disconnected the fine pinpad line, put the panel back on and powered up. Nothing. disconnected power, plugged it back in and the "light wash" light still flashes.

Since it did not cycle the drain pump like it should I'm guessing the control panel/circuit board assembly is out. Should I test anything else like the heating element or the door switch continuity? I'm thinking they're good, as everything worked a few days ago. Thoughts everyone? Thanks.

One thing I just did was test the door switches in the latch. With the little 'triggers' pressed in, like it's latched, they had continuity. So that's one thing I'm sure of.
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