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FIXED Whirlpool Range WEG745H0FS0 - Bake/broil stopped working

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Jun 24, 2021
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1-5 years
The ignitors both spark, I've checked the valve and it had proper resistance, same with the sensor. I'm thinking it's a control board issue? How would I verify that the board is bad? Thanks for the help!
Both coils on the valve measure 216 Ω's ?
Direct Spark Gas Valve.jpg

Regulator W10861656
Thanks for the reply! Both coils measured at 218 ohms. When I checked the oven sensor, it measured at 1098 ohms at room temperature.
The ignitors both spark ,.......... Less than 1 volt.
Hmm....both those statements can't be true. Are you sure you're measuring the voltage correctly? Unplug the machine and check for 120 VAC at the wall outlet. Then check for continuity between the small end on the plug to J1-10. Check for continuity between the larger end on the plug to J1-4.
I believe I'm checking voltage correctly. My probes are too big for the J1 connector so I'm using a snipped down paperclip as jumpers.

122 volts at the outlet but no continuity between the plug and the J1 connector. The bake ignitor I can hear and see spark, but I double checked the broil ignitor and I don't see or hear anything.
but no continuity between the plug and the J1 connector.
J1-4 (white wire) and J1-10 (black wire) is supply voltage for the DSI board and is a direct circuit from the power cord. Check for a pinched or broken wire between the power cord and J1-10.
DSI- L1 in N in.jpg

Try this trick:
safety pin 500x250.jpg
Ok, I messed up... clearly I'm not that great at electrical troubleshooting. BUT, I have verified that I have 122V between J1-4 and J1-6, but no voltage between J1-1 and J1-2.
Awesome, thanks! Why was I getting the 120 VAC but not the 8-18 VDC on the J1-1 and J1-2?
Rick, you're the man. That fixed the issue and the oven is baking and broiling again. Thank you.

Thanks again!
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