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Whirlpool RBD245PRB03 has power and light, but display is dead and has the beeps when start is pressed


Mar 31, 2022
South Bend, IN
Model Number
More than 10 years
So I have a Whirlpool double over from 2009 and the display has gone out, I shut off the breaker for awhile and turned it back on and no luck. The inside lights come on, but no display. Buttons beep when pressed, but when the start button is pressed in get the 1 short, 1 long, 2 short beep pattern, which based on seeing the results of other models seems like the control board has failed. I'm just looking for confirmation, or if there is a way to test, or if I am missing anything here. The control board as no longer available, which sucks.

Why do manufacturers what to fill our planet with trash by discontinuing parts so the appliance cannot be repaired? The over is 12 years old and in fantastic condition, no reason it should be repaired and work for another 12 years. I hate this corporate greed.

Anyone have a (hopefully) better solution for me?

And please don't tell me I should be grateful I got 12 years out of it, appliances used to work for 20+ years.

Check for 120 VAC across p16-5 and P16-7 (red wires on the control board out to the transformer. Then, across P16-2 and P16-3 (blue wires) for 12 to 24 VOLTS AC out of the transformer. If you have the voltages the transformer is good, and you'll need the control board. If the voltages are lower or not there, you'll need the transformer.

It should be 12 to 24 VOLTS AC.

Here's the transformer for your model:
WP9760587 Transformer

Here's the clock/oven control board for your model:
Oven Control Board WPW10438750


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