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FIXED Whirlpool refrigerator icemaker leaking


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Nov 25, 2012
Leander, Texas, United States
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My whirlpool french doors, bottom freezer refrigerator, model GX2FHDXVB00, icemaker is leaking in the ice holder. Icemaker seems to leak in the forward end as it is filling with water to make new ice. Any suggestions?
Ok, it sounds like either your ice maker tray mold has a crack in it and its leaking or the ice maker module is calling for too much water and it overfills.

Either issue will require a new ice maker.

Here's the ice maker for your model you can order:
Whirlpool D7824706Q Replacement Icemaker

There is a video to show you how:


Sounds good, yes keep us posted.

Fantastic, good job and glad to hear that the new ice maker fixed it.:)

Mine leaks too

I have a Whirlpool fridge also – freezer drawer on the bottom. There has been a leak where the water comes into the icemaker. It leaks regardless of whether the ice maker is on or off. So I replaced the water valve on the back of the fridge. It still leaks, now maybe even worse than before. How should I proceed? Thanks.
Ok, so water is leaking into the ice maker no matter if the ice maker is ON or OFF? and you already replaced the water inlet valve in the back?

That's very odd, then it shouldn't be leaking water in the ice maker, are you 100% absolutely sure that its not the drain trough that's clogged with ice and thus leaking water?

I'd remove the back panel inside the freezer just to make sure.

To Remove the back panel(take all your food and shelves out of your freezer first): The back panel inside your freezer is #11, and #22 is the vent you have to remove as well, The air vent #22 should have 2 clips on both sides of it that you would need to unsnap with a flathead screwdriver first before removing the back panel. Then remove the back panel screws. If you have an ice maker, you'll likely need to unmount that to get more room to remove the back panel.

If the drain trough and drain hole is not clogged with ice, then I'm stumped as well, and you'd need to have Whirlpool come out to see what's going on.

Trough iced over

I did as you recommended, and the trough and drain hole were completely full of ice. I melted all the ice and cleaned out the drain. I'll plan to let you know whether that did the trick. Thanks again for your advice!
Excellent, good job.:)

Yes, keep us posted.


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