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Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF989SDAM02 Ice Maker Not Working, Freezer 15F


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Aug 20, 2017
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6-10 years
Hello all, I've been reading through similar postings for a couple days and trying what I've found, but have not been successful in remedying my issue. Posting a new thread in hopes of getting some advice.

Summary Issue: Ice maker is not producing ice; both fresh food and freezer compartments are warmer than set temps

Model: WRF989SDAM02 (W10307054A)
Serial: K42303932

Fresh Food Temp: ~40F
Freezer Temp: ~15F

So far, I've tried:
  • Removing the back lower panel and front kickplates; vacuumed and used a coil brush to clean as much dust away as possible
  • Replaced the water filter cartridge with a fresh one, and run several gallons through it
  • Opened fridge compartments and made sure fans are running and air is moving
Diagnostics run:
  • Service Test - 36 Ice Box Fan (PASS)
  • Service Test - 37 Ice Box Thermistor (01, PASS)
  • Service Test - 56 Ice Maker Error Codes (PASSED, E0 - no errors)
  • Service Test - 57 Ice Maker Harvest (PASSED, completed a cycle and kicked out a few small ice cubes the very first time I tried it, 01)
  • Service Test - 58 Ice Maker Heater Activation (00 consistently, "temperature warmer than harvest temperature" - is this a problem?)
  • Service Test - 59 Ice Maker Moto (PASSED in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions)
  • Service Test - 45 Ice Maker Water Fill Test (PASSED, to the point of spilling water)
Any ideas folks? I'm running out of stuff to test at this point.
Service Test - 58 Ice Maker Heater Activation (00 consistently, "temperature warmer than harvest temperature" - is this a problem?)
You bet it is.:)

Do you hear the freezer fan running inside the freezer at all times while the compressor is running?

Look and Feel the back panel INSIDE the freezer and see if you notice frost build-up on it, even better would be to remove the back panel INSIDE the freezer and take a photo of your evaporator coil and upload it here.

Thank you Dave. Got the top drawer out and gave a good look, and took a few photos:

I did not notice any frost build up. Looking through the vents, I did not see frost on the evaporator coils.

That freezer is challenging to get back in to. If you tell me the next step is to take the back panel off, I'll do that, but not unless you say so.

EDIT: YouTube be praised I got the drawers out.

Pic of evaporator coil:
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Ok, yes I see now that frost ball in the upper right side of your evaporator coil, that usually indicates a sealed system problem.

The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter/drier and refrigerant. Common problems with a sealed system are bad compressors, refrigerant leaks, and system restrictions. Sealed system repair costs will often exceed the machines value.

Thank you Jake. Disappointing news, but very helpful information.

Looks like it's time for a new refrigerator.
Yes, time to go refrigerator shopping.


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