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Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS526SIAH00 not cooling or freezing


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May 10, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Puddle on the floor after being at work all day...
condenser and fan not working
Evaporator fan is working
I ran diagnostics -
#3 - evaporator fan motor is on, air baffle is closed.
#6 - defrost heater/bimetal - bimetal is open.

I replaced the bi metal thermostat but still getting the same error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
condenser and fan not working
You mean the compressor and condenser fan motor behind the refrigerator is not working?

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below. The main control board is located behind the refrigerator.

Check for 120 volts AC at these test points on the main control board when it should be cooling.

Screenshot 2023-05-11 05.18.53.png

If the voltage is incorrect, replace the board:
Refrigerator Control Board W11088499


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Thanks for your reply Jake.
I tested the wires on the motherboard as specified and got 124v
I also ran the diagnostics and for test #4 (compressor/condensor fan motor) and got 01.
I can hear a click though
Then the compressor and condenser fan motor should be running, check for a loose connector or a broken wire/wires to them.
Hi Jake
I've been looking over the wiring and it all looks fine.
I have a question about the wiring on the control board.
In the attached photo you will see that the compressor has 3 wires. 1 black, 1 red and 1 white. The red and white ones go to the compressor and the fan. They seem to be testing fine ( i tested for continuity at various points and all good).
What is the black wire for and what should I be looking for from this wire?
Also tested the start relay and the capacitor and both are fine. The compressor also testing fine with the multimeter.
ETA there is a clicking sound and the fan starts and stops immediately

and... one last thing. In the service diagnostics mode - the compressor /fan do NOT turn on even though I'm getting the "01" to say it's ok.
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What is the black wire for and what should I be looking for from this wire?
Per your tech. data sheet I posted above, what connector and pin is that black wire in?
Hi Jake
I tested the control board from the points on the back - please see the photo.
P1-1 -P1-2black-white =124v
P1-2 -P1-4 white -red = 2 or 4 volts.
I'm guessing I need a new control board?
thanks again


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P1-2 -P1-4 white -red = 2 or 4 volts.
I'm guessing I need a new control board?
You nailed it, P1-2 -P1-4 white -red should be 120 volts when cooling.

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