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Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS571CIHZ01 Evaporator Fan Failing


Jul 1, 2021
Hampton, VA
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a Whirlpool model #WRS571CIHZ01. About 6 weeks ago the evaporator fan went out. I diagnosed it myself, replaced the fan, and everything was good. 8 days ago it went out again. I did some research and read that on some refrigerators (didn't specifically mention mine), the evaporator fan is wired through the defrost thermostat wiring harness, so I bought a new harness and fan, replaced it, and everything worked correctly again. Yesterday the evaporator fan went out again. I've put a multimeter on the wires when I've replaced the fan motor, and they read around 120v as they should. I'm looking at the wiring diagram for the refrigerator and can't really see anything that would cause the motor to fail so quickly. Everything else works as it should, and the coil is still staying cold (although it's frozen over since there's no airflow across it).

I posted in another forum and several people mentioned the fan might be overheating, which seems unlikely to me since it's located in the freezer compartment. The only thing I could think of that would cause it to overheat would be maybe if the damper that controls airflow into the refrigerator compartment failed closed... no air into the fridge, no air recirculating back to the coil, coil freezes up, no airflow across fan. But again, it's in the freezer compartment so it's still cold.

Could it be something electrical, like a voltage spike? I would think if the fridge was exposed to a voltage spike the electronics would go out before a fan motor.


And just to confirm, when I take the bad fan motor out and bench test it, both have been dead. It's not like the motor is okay and something in the fridge is just not telling it to come on.

Thanks in advance.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Did you buy the evaporator fan motor from a reputable appliance parts store? Lots of people go the cheap route and buy aftermarket parts on amazon and ebay and wonder why they don't last long.

We recommend getting OEM parts from AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic, all parts from them ALWAYS has a 365 day warranty.

Here's the Evaporator(freezer) fan motor for your model:
WP2315549 Evaporator Fan Motor

I've replaced a lot of these evaporator fan motors in the last 34 years, and I always order them from AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic and never had to change one twice.