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FIXED Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS588FIHZ ice maker wires cut

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Nov 5, 2021
West Columbia SC
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1-5 years
I have the same issue many others do with their Whirlpool ice maker. How has this not been addressed by Whirlpool yet?

Thanks to Jake’s blog I was quickly able to discover the cut wires as the root cause of my ice maker woes. Purchased the fridge 05/2018, warranty was up this May. :poop: I have 4 wires cut. I was able to unbolt the p-clamp and strip the wires but I just don’t feel comfortable adding more wire and soldering in that cumbersome area. Unfortunately I’ve reached the limit of my meager DIY skills. What are my options? Should I call an electrician? I know if I call Whirlpool or even a general appliance repair business they will say to replace the door.

For now I left both the white connectors unplugged and only have plugged in the yellow connector for the water dispenser.


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You can probably call an appliance repair company and tell them what you want or an electrician. The cost for an electrician might be the same as a new door.
You can probably call an appliance repair company and tell them what you want or an electrician. The cost for an electrician might be the same as a new door.
I was afraid of that. I guess I’ll call around and get some prices. It’s just maddening this is such a design flaw.
Your missing the last digit of your model number.

If your last digit is "0" this is the freezer door for your model:

If your last digit is "4" they don't make that freezer door anymore. Then you'd need to have a electrician repair the wires, or have a friend or family member that's good with do-it-yourself repairs do it for you.

It's not a difficult repair, just a little time consuming. You can do it.
Yes, Rick is absolutely right, there are a ton of videos on Youtube that will show you how, here's one I'll post below.:)

Wire Splicing Tool 959

Watch this video below:

I had this same problem. I was able to get to it much easier by taking the door off. Whirlpool had a nice video on how to replace a door that I followed. I don't know how to solder so I just twisted them and taped the 3 wires that were broken and reinforced the group of them and tried to give them more slack. But putting back on the door was harder than taking it off. Getting everything shoved back in that hole is a pain. You do need somebody strong holding that door up while you do it. But I did it and I am 60 yr old lady. I just heard the water fill in the ice maker and I am so proud! I hope you didn't have to pay someone or get a new door.
Awesome Dzav! I've done quite a few of them so I know what you were up against, Good job! If you have any problems with it, solder the wires. Easy peasy. You can handle it.
Is there anyway to know which wires go to the auger? My auger had lost power some time ago and I was hoping fixing the wires would bring it back but no luck.
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