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Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX986SIHZ00, not cooling at all


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Jan 5, 2022
Texas, usa
Model Number
1-5 years
I would like to ask if anybody can help or recommend next step of diagnosis.

My fridge stopped cooling completely for both, fridge and freezer, no cold air at all.
I can feel fans inside the fridge and freezer blowing air, but not cold, just room temperature.
I can hear the compressor running.
All lights inside the fridge working.

Tests I did:
1-I did the diagnostic test mentioned in another post
Service Test - 1: FC Thermistor
The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display flashes results on the Temp display (01 = pass, 02 = open, 03 = short).
I got 01

Service Test - 2: RC Thermistor
The board will check the resistance value of the thermistor and display the results on the Temp display (01 = pass, 02 = open, 03 = short).
I got 01

Service Test - 3: Evaporator Fan and Air Baffle Motors
Control the RC and FC evaporator fan motors by depressing SW3
01= both fan motors off. 02 = FC fan on.
Depress SW3 once to advance. Service Test 3 will flash quickly and advance to tests 13/23 very quickly. The result is RC fan on, pantry air damper on. Pantry air damper will open and close automatically (13 = damper open, 23 = damper closed). Verify airflow inside pantry on left hand side when damper is open (13 displayed). Airflow in pantry will cease when “23” is displayed. Depress SW3 to advance to last step (04 = both RC and FC fans on).
I could hear the fans kick on as well as feel some airflow.

Service Test - 4: Compressor/Condenser Fan Motor/ Evaporator Fan
There will be a delay of 3 seconds before start of Sub Step 01. NOTE: Each test is timed and will automatically proceed to the next step. User will not be allowed to exit test. If exit is attempted, an invalid chime will sound. Control the sealed system loads by selecting SW3
01 = initialize dual evaporator valve in home position (4 min.)
02 = close both RC and FC evaporator valves (1 min.)
03 = turn compressor on (1 min.)
I could hear the compressor kick on
04 = keep compressor on. Drive the valve to RC position and turn RC fan on
I could feel the air from the fan
05 = keep compressor on. Drive the valve to FC position and turn FC fan on
I could feel the air from the fan
Verify airflow from the evaporator fan.
NOTE: Advance quickly through Service Test 4 to keep from locking in. Once locked in, you cannot exit, and must wait approximately 10 minutes.

Service Test - 5: Compressor Status/Speed
Initial Display 02 = Minimum speed
Depress SW3. Display = 03. Compressor ramps up to maximum speed.
I could hear it spool up to maximum speed
When maximum speed is reached, 01 is displayed.
Depress SW3. Display = 04. Speed ramps down from maximum to minimum speed. Display = 02.
I could hear it wind down.

Test compressor--> I get equal 13.6 ohms around the 3 terminal of the compressor
Test the voltage from the control board to inverter board--> 7.5 DC voltage and 122 AC voltage to the inverter board

I can confirm I hear the compressor working all the time and the fan on its side working too.

3-Mian board and power board

On the power board:
Power Board W10830278

P1-1 - P1-2 = 120 VAC constant. GOOD
P1-3 - P1-4 = 120 VAC constant. GOOD
P2-1 - P2-4 = 14 VDC constant. NOTHING
P2-2 - P2-5 = 14 V DC constant GOOD
P2-3 - P2-6 = 14 VDC constant GOOD

On the main board:
Main Control Board W10843055

P1-1 - P1-2 = 120 VAC GOOD
P14-6 to P14-7 = 14V constant GOOD

If the compressor is running and there is no cooling at all period, you have a sealed system problem.

The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter/drier and refrigerant. Common problems with a sealed system are bad compressors, refrigerant leaks, and system restrictions.

Check your owners manual warranty, some models have 5 to 10 year warranty on the sealed system.

Jake, thanks for your response.
I checked the owner manual and it says limited warranty for 1 year, doesn't say anything about sealed system warranty.

What would you recommend in my situation, should I try to look for a repair company on my own expenses and what is the average repair cost? , or it not worth it and sell it for parts or something?

Thanks again
Yes you can contact Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 to locate a tech to come out.

Your looking anywhere between $500 to $800 to repair it.

Ok, sounds good.


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