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Whirlpool side by side refrigerator leaks when push for water


Nov 30, 2014
Dallas, TX
Model Number
Our whirlpool side by side door refrigerator is less than 2 years old and it's already leaking water at bottom from freezer side (upper left side) everytime we use the water dispenser. When we push water dispenser, it take about 2-4 seconds before dispensing water. But before, the water would come out instantly when we press it. It looks like the problem is water dispensing but I can't figure it out. And there is no post or forums about this water leakage. We don't have warranty and whirlpool reps are so rude and hard to talk to. Can someone please help me out here if you went thru the same issue.

It sounds like its leaking from the water filter housing or the water tubing that goes to the water filter housing.

This is a new design Whirlpool model that I haven't run across as of yet, so I don't know the steps to replace the water filter housing, but when you click this link to the water filter housing here: Whirlpool W10238123 Housing - AppliancePartsPros.com

There is a question and answer section below the water filter housing part photo that you can ask there.


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