Whirlpool Stainless Fridge Door, Freezer Door, and Freezer Door Handle for Sale


Jul 23, 2012
San Antonio
Whirlpool stainless fridge door, freezer door, and freezer door handle for sale

Whirlpool Fridge Right Door - #13107308FQ
Used Whirlpool stainless steel right fridge door in good condition. Minor scratch where handle came off (pictured) and minor scuff on the top edge of the door (pictured) ---> $175

Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Door - #12977863FQ
Used Whirlpool stainless steel bottom freezer door in good condition.---> $250

Whirlpool Freezer Door Handle - #W10223025
Used Whirlpool stainless steel freezer door handle; 3 very minor dents (pictured).---> $20

All purchases must be in cash or through PayPal; price listed above does not include shipping. Pls contact me at mten_44@yahoo.com for additional information.


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