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Whirlpool wall oven WOS92EC0AS03 thermal fuse keeps blowing

Handyman I Am

Apr 9, 2023
Green Bay, WI
Model Number
6-10 years
Wall oven thermal fuse blew in 2020. We replaced it and the oven has worked fine since and I stopped using the self clean. This week (4/2023), it blew again. Replaced it and it ran for a day and blew again. Replaced it again and it ran for a few days, and then blew again. The fan seemed to cycle a lot so we are wondering if it is a fan problem. Looking for ideas to correct this frustrating problem.
Do you hear the cooling fan motor running when its baking?

Here's the cooling fan blower for your model:

I located another thread on this issue, its a KitchenAid which Whirlpool owns, so it should hopefully be similar to yours, it uses that exact same cooling fan:

Make sure you disconnect power to the wall oven before accessing the cooling fan blower.

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