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Whirlpool washer shift actuator WTW4850XQ0 not engaging


Jan 24, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
The washer will not spin nor agitate. Original fault code indicated a shifter fault (F7E5), so I tested the shift actuator via Test #3a (Drive System - shifter). On step 6, the motor was giving me no resistance which led me to believe the shift actuator had gone bad. After ordering a new shift actuator (49tyz-120), installing, and re running calibration, I am still getting a shifter fault error code. When I looked at what the shift actuator was doing during a manual test of the low spin, it seems to be constantly repositioning (i.e. going through the full range of motion constantly). I have attached a video showing this.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Is that the new shift actuator doing that in the video? Or the original one?

If its the new shift actuator you just installed and the old one doesn't do that, then you got a faulty shift actuator, where did you get it at? Is it aftermarket?

Here's the OEM shift actuator for your model:
WPW10006355 Shift Actuator

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