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FIXED Whirlpool Washer WTW4815EW1 Clicking Sound from the Control Panel

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Mar 20, 2021
New York
Model Number
6-10 years
Customer Complaint Was That The Washer Wasn't Responding When You Press Start
The Machine Is A Whirlpool "Vertical Modular Washer" A Clicking Sound From The Control Panel Can Be Heard... Like A Clock Ticking
The Washer Would Not Make Me Get Into Diagnostic To See Any Stored Codes Either....HUUMMM
I Opened Up The Top Console... Looked At the Control Boards Middle And The GREEN LIGHT WAS ON STEADY On the back Which Means The Control Is GOOD.
I Unplugged The Washer For 15 Min Then Plugged It Back In SAME CLICKING FROM CONTROL NO RESPONSE When Start Is Pressed.
So I Thought The Washer Can't Start Because The Control Is Not Able To Do Its Pre-Check Diagnostic Like All The "Vertical Modular Washers" Do when Start Is Pressed
This Washer Has the W11307244 Lid lock Assembly which I Had In The Truck.. I Plugged The New Lid Lock Into The Control While I Had The Console Open To Test..
The Washer Started To Respond Like Normal
I Disassembled Washers Top & Installed New Lid Lock Assembly.. Now I was able to get Into Diagnostic
What Do you Know The Control Was Flashing F5 E1 & F5 E2 Which Are Both Lid lock Fault Codes.
I Cleared the codes And the Customer Was Back Washing
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