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Whirlpool Washer WTW8500DC0 still throwing F7E5 after replacing clutch coil


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Jan 4, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
After some research, I found that my Whirlpool WTW8500DC0 was displaying an F7E5 error code. I replaced the clutch coil and checked all the gears, wiring, and parts for wear. Everything looks good. Now the washer will work fine with no clothes in the tub, but if I put more than a few items in, it will kick off during a cycle (I think while spinning) and again display F7E5.

I took apart the tub assembly and found that there was water in the bottom of the inner tub that I couldn't access. I didn't know if that was normal, so I reassembled it. Same result. When doing Test 3a on page 6-8 of the manual, I checked the clutch slide, it moves freely in and out, but when I tried to turn the outside shaft spin gear, it was difficult to turn and I heard water sloshing in the tub.

I suspect maybe this water is not supposed to be there and is causing resistance when the spin gear is engaged, but I'm not sure. Any help?
That water in the tub you can't access is not water, its balancing liquid, and washers have that liquid in there to balance the tub when spinning.

So you replaced the clutch assembly itself?

Here's the clutch(shifter coil) assembly for this model:
W10754448 Clutch

Did you also replace the Shift Actuator?

Here's the Shift Actuator(also called Slider) for your model:
Shift Actuator W10734521

F7E5=Shifter Failure--->Fault is displayed when the main control determines the shifter is not engaging the basket for spin or disengaging it for wash.
• Check shifter connectors.
• Check for clothing or another item wedged between the impeller and the basket that could bind them together.
• Check that the shifter slider moves freely.
• See TEST #3a: Drive System – Shifter, page 15.

I'm attaching your tech data sheet below.



  • W10607408-revf.pdf
    2.5 MB · Views: 214
Ahh, good to know. Thank you. I won't worry about that sloshing.
Yes. I replaced the clutch (shifter coil). I guess the next thing to try is the shift actuator. Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it. I'll let you know if it works.
Ok Steve, sounds good.

Yes, keep us posted.

Hi Steve, any update on this?

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