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Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ0 dishwasher F6-E4, F4-E3, F7-E1


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Jan 9, 2023
Lynchburg, VA
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1-5 years
My Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ0 dishwasher has stopped spraying water and will not clean the dishes. When started, it will accumulate a bit of water in the bottom, but will not spray or clean the dishes. I've replaced the water inlet valve, and that did not resolve the issue. When I run the diagnostics, I see the following codes flash on the display.

F6 E4
F4 E3
F7 E1
F- E-

I've managed to discover that the F6-E4 code indicates an issue with the water level sensor, the F4-E3 indicates an issue with the wash motor, and the F7-E1 indicates an issue with the heater. Is it possible that a single issue is causing all three of these codes? If not, what would be the best course of action to get the dishwasher back up and running?
F4E3 is wash motor not running, that's usually the cause other those other error codes as well.

Also your model has the problematic door vent that can cause this problem you are having too.

Do this first--->Disconnect all the wire connectors to your door vent and see if it runs through a complete cycle AND see if you hear the wash motor running, splashing water in the tub.

Start reading what bigbuck said at post#18 here:

Your model uses the exact same door vent. If it runs through a complete cycle and everything is back to normal, then order and replace the door vent assembly.

Here it is for your model you can order:
WPW10469574 Vent

To access the vent assembly you will need a T-15 torx screwdriver: Remove 4 screws (long) across top of door, then remove 10 screws (short) on the sides, then the outer door panel pulls off.

Let us know what you find.
Thanks for your suggestion, Jake. I got a chance this evening to take the door cover off and disconnect the two sets of wires from the door vent, then started a normal cycle. The dishwasher did the exact same thing - filled the bottom of the tub with water, then just sat there while the timer gradually decreased. I'm deaf so I can't hear the wash motor running, but I didn't feel any vibrations other than the water pumping in, and there was no indication of water spraying inside the tub.

Any further suggestions? Sure appreciate your help.
Ok, Its most likely the wash(circulation) motor that is either clogged or faulty.

Here's the wash(circulation) motor for your model: W11612327

Look at post #7 here: FIXED 665.13472N411 What to check on why it only washes about 5% of the cycle.

If you want to verify it--->I'd first check to see if your getting 120 volts to the wash motor when it should be in the wash cycle and running after it fills with water.

Take the wire connector off the wash motor and use a multimeter to see if yours is getting 120 volts when it should be washing, if so and it's not running order the wash motor assembly.

This video shows you how to access it:

This afternoon I pulled the dishwasher out, disconnected the wires from the wash motor, hooked up my multimeter to them, and started up the washer. After a steady 49 volt reading while water was being pumped in, the meter showed some fluctuations between 49 volts and around 99-102 volts. No response from the wash motor, so it does look like that needs to be replaced. However, it seems that a replacement motor is out of stock in the link you sent. Would you happen to know of another source? Thanks.
Your volts are too low, see the photo above I posted, it needs to be about 120 volts for the wash motor to work.

So that tells me the control board is the culprit, not sending proper volts to the wash motor.

Here's the control board for your model:
Jake I have a similar issue. Same model about 1 1/2 years old. Getting a F4E3 only. I shot the wire connector and I get 113V-120V and I took the wash motor out and resistance shot it and it shoots 8.8 ohms. Any other ideas?

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