Whirlpool WED9550WW1 shut down


Oct 18, 2020
Whirlpool WED9550WW1 Duet Electric Dryer shut down with error code "F-70". I noticed that the dryer, once it cools down, will operate normally again for about 10 minutes, then the same error and shutdown occurs. Every piece of info that I could find says that the error code points to a comms issue between the control board and the control panel but in my case the problem seemed to be heat and humidity related? I took my dryer apart and found a very light layer of lint (7 year install), but not a crazy amount so I just vacuumed it out. The 8 foot vent was not blocked but it was badly lined with about a 1/2 heavy layer of lint so I cleaned that out. I also found that the vent connection had loosened inside the dryer body so with a lot of effort, I fixed that as well (that hurt my feelings).... I certainly wish that Whirlpool would allow more than a 1/4" lip all the way forward and under the drum and drive belt area to make the vent connection to the external vent line. I guess any small movement to the dryer will cause this skimpy connection to breach. You can't vent tape it with metal duct tape as it rests nearly on the floor of the chassis cavity. After all of these fixes the dryer seems to be operating correctly now. We've done 8 one hour "high heat, timed dry" runs in a row after my maintenance with no errors.That was impossible before I simply gave it a good cleaning. My two cents advises looking at excessive heat in the chassis before you drop $200-$400 for self or professional repair. Evaluate the venting more closely as it may be "leaking" heat and humidity on the inside of the dryer chassis. The vent may be clean but is it crimped or restricted? Is the outside louver opening? I'll add an additional comment if the problem returns.
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