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Whirlpool WFC7500VW2 CCU receives power but doesn't run, no display, buttons don't work


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Apr 6, 2023
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1-5 years
First I accidentally broke the cycle knob inside of the CCU in the off position so I had to get a replacement for it. However, the replacement CCU does not do anything despite receiving power. When turned on, the door automatically locks and the Prewash/Wash/Rinse LEDs as well as the Cycle Complete LED (red for some reason) all light up on every setting. The other control board that displays the timer and the additional wash settings appears to receive no power at all, the display doesn't turn on and none of the buttons on the entire panel do anything.

I thought maybe I just received a defective replacement so I got another CCU and a replacement display board but the exact same thing occurs. What is wrong with my machine? I'm running out of clothes and I just want to do my laundry. Also, the second CCU seems to make a buzzing noise when turned on, any idea what that is?
Rick explains about this issue here:
Do what Rick mentions in that thread, its the exact same model number yours is.
I don't understand, I've already replaced the CCU twice with a brand new one and neither of them work so what is he saying to fix? The issue doesn't seem to be the same either, that post doesn't receive power while mine does
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Then you must be getting bad CCU's where u getting them from?

Or you have a loose connection to the CCU or a broken wire. Double Check all your wiring connections to the CCU.
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