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Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS Oven - Blank Display - No Power


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May 11, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
My oven is little over 9 years. The display is completely blank. Like there is not power. Not buttons makes sounds or do anything. No clock is displayed. I check circuity breaker already. No go.

Any suggestions what this might be?
Its possibly the thermal fuse went out.

Here's the thermal fuse for your model:
Thermal Fuse WPW10545255

I'd ohm test it for continuity with a multimeter?

This video shows you how: Thermal Fuse Test Video

Disconnect power to your oven first before accessing it and ohm testing it.

This video gives you the general idea of the location of it and how to access it:
Great information Jake.

So, I removed the panel and pulled the Thermal Fuse. Used my multimeter and seems there is continuity. Unless I'm testing this wrong.


So, I put the Thermal Fuse back in. I decided to the take the top metal shield that covers the electric board and power distribution block. I wanted to double check of power was even making it there. I turned power back on. While I was grabbing my multimeter, I heard a beep and clock was back on. Power was restored.

Not sure how it's on now. I didn't do anything but pull cover off. I pulled on few wires thinking something might have be loose. But, didn't make a difference.

Could it be that I left power off long enough it to fully discharge? Hence, allow a reset of some sort? Originally, I had check the breaker. Flipped and off and on in like 5 seconds.
Could it be that I left power off long enough it to fully discharge? Hence, allow a reset of some sort?
That is interesting, and could possibly be the case. Glad to hear its working now.:)

Just keep you eye on it for awhile and see if the display keeps staying on at all times.

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