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Whirlpool WRF757SDEM01 Ice Maker Not Automatically Filling Molds


Mar 30, 2023
Richmond, VA
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a 6 year old Whirlpool WRF757SDEM01 fridge that is no longer making ice. I've ensured the ice maker is "on", changed the water filter, and have run through the diagnostics. There are no error codes when I run service test 56. Motor rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise. When I run service test 45 (Ice Maker Water Fill Test), it will fill the ice molds and they will freeze and release in to the ice bucket. However, the ice maker is not automatically filling the ice molds as it should. What's my next step?
What's the temperature in the ice maker compartment?

It has to be under 10 degrees for it to automatically cycle the ice out, put a freezer thermometer in it and see the temperature is in the freezer.

If its below 10 degrees at all times and the ice maker is not filling and ejecting the ice automatically, then the ice maker itself is the culprit.

Here's the ice maker for your model: Icemaker W11658802


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