Whirlpool WRF757SDHZ02 Refrigerator Smell


Oct 4, 2021
North America
We purchased a Whirlpool WRF757SDHZ02 Refrigerator in October, 2020 from Costco. The problems described above is the exact problems we encountered. In August 2021, I first detected a bad taste in the iced tea. A short time after, a guest iced water (ice and water from the fridge). He immediately tossed the drink. From there, we began investigating the source and finally identified the problem originating with the ice maker. (Filtered water from the Fridge tastes fine.) Shortly thereafter, the chemical smell permeated the entire fridge. Any food which was not tightly sealed absorbed the smell.....even sticks of butter which were wrapped in paper. We ended up pitching most everything in the fridge and freezer. Next, we go through the process of getting a repair person on-site. Costco Concierge service contacted Flamingo Appliance who is contracted by Whirlpool for first line repair. It took 2+ weeks for Flamingo to send a person out. This IDIOT said he could not smell or identify anything. TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!!. Good thing I was not at home and he spoke only my wife....cause I would have told him he was an idiot. MY WIFE AND I ARE NOT CRAZY.......NEXT......Going back to Costco and directly to Whirlpool, we are awaiting the 2nd "LEAD" Flamingo Appliance technician. We are surmising this is the process that Whirlpool makes you go through before they initiate any larger repair to minimize costs. UNBELIEVABLE!! Anyway, I will update this blog in two days after LEAD repairman comes on site, but I STRONGLY URGE EVERYONE NOT TO BUY WHIRLPOOL OR USE FLAMINGO. In parallel, I spoke to the Costco management who said to let them know how it turns out. We are HUGE Costco shoppers and spend a large part of our grocery budget there. So, I think they may provide a resolution.
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