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Whirlpool WRS315SDHZ08 side-by-side refrigerator not defrosting


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Jun 3, 2018
Model Number
Less than 1 year
8 month old Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator is not defrosting thus there is a huge ice buildup on the evaporator and refrigerator section is 60 degrees. There is a thermistor that checks open circuit, mounted atop the evaporator but it does not show on the parts break down. Does anyone know what the part number of that thermistor is? I did not check the heater for resistance as I already determined the thermistor was bad but reading other posts, I see there might be an inline fuse as part of the defrost heater. Any ideas? I haven't been able to find a picture of the defrost heater and it's availability is sketchy.

Commentary: the W11248697 tech sheet is poorly written and in fact, appears to originally be written in Chinese and then translated via google translate to English. It is difficult and amusing to read. Although this refrigerator is in factory warranty, the customer did not want to wait 4 weeks for Whirlpool factory service to show up. Shame on Whirlpool, the world's largest appliance company for putting out such poor quality product with such poor service.
There is a in-line fuse that is part of the defrost heater assembly: Heater-Harness Assy 2 Cuda 17 R600 W11650661

I can't locate a photo of it anywhere online, but it may also include the defrost thermistor, as I don't see it as a separate part you can order in the parts list.

Here's the tech. data sheet below.


  • tech-sheet-w11248697-reva (1).pdf
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FIXED. I replaced:
W11546690electronic control
WPW10384183evaporator thermistor
W11650661defrost heater

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