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Whirlpool WRS325SDHZ01/ Ice buildup in freezer then thaw


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Aug 27, 2019
los angeles CA
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1-5 years
Hi guys,
I have a Whirlpool double-door WRS325SDHZ01, it started to have forst buildup issue in the freezer side then the frost buildup would melt and water will leak out from the freezer. then I will unplug the power wait for a day then plug it back then the freezing and melting cycle will happen again. Also I would like to mention is that I always felt the refrigerate side is not cool enough..
Thanks in advance and appreciate your help.
Where is the frost buildup located? On the back panel inside the freezer? Can you take a photo of it and upload it here?

Thx for the reply Jake,
The frost/ice buildup on the back panel but mainly on the freezer's evaporator coil. I unpluged the fridge for a week now because I don't want it to freeze and thaw again.
You have 3 parts that control the defrost cycle: Defrost Thermostat, Defrost Heater, and Control Board. You will need a multimeter to ohm test.

Here's the multimeter I use:
Multimeter DM10T

You can get a multimeter at any hardware store too.

You will need to ohm test the defrost thermostat for continuity while its still covered in frost, and ohm test the defrost heater too. Unplug your refrigerator first!

If the defrost thermostat is not frosty, you can still test it in a cup of ice water, watch the video below. You'd need to keep the defrost thermostat in the cup of ice water at least 5 minutes before ohm testing it.

Watch this video to ohm test your defrost thermostat if yours is NOT frosty:

Here's your defrost thermostat and defrost heater for your model:

WPW10225581 Defrost Thermostat

WP2323198 Defrost Heater

The Defrost heater can be ohmed for continuity as well, make sure your refrigerator is unplugged before removing the wires from each part for all ohm testing.

Watch this video to ohm test the defrost heater with a multimeter:

If both the defrost thermostat and defrost heater ohm test good, then we know the control board is the culprit.

Here's the control board for your model:
Control Board W11174836

Let us know what you find.

Hi Jake
Sorry I didn't get back to your reply. for the passed couple of days I decided replaced the control board but the buildup and melting started to happen after the 3rd day i replace the control board. I was able to take some photo this time around.
so I can see the evaporator is covered with frost and also the inside back panel is frosty too and also the temperature in the refrigerator side went up to 67F, also temperature in the freezer is going up as well, ice cubes starting to melt.


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Ok Gary, if you are just going to replace parts without ohm testing them first, you might as well buy all the parts to cover this problem. I listed all the parts involved in this defrost problem in post #5 above.

Or have a appliance tech come out to ohm test them for you.


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