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FIXED Whirlpool WRS588FIHW00 will not make ice


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Mar 19, 2023
North Las Vegas, NV
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6-10 years

Our ice maker is not making ice and need some help. I have tried a few things and am stuck and need help. I replaced the ice maker with a Whirlpool OEM after testing in diagnostics mode 44 due to it showing as a bad switch or motor (not turning at all).

After replacing, it tried turning 360 degrees when performing diagnostics mode 44. Not thinking an OEM was bad, I did some research and found the common problem of wiring being bad at the bottom of the door. Most of the wiring was bad. I fixed every wire. However, still no ice production automatically. Water appears to pass through the water dispenser fairly good and also through the ice maker when in diagnostic mode.

Recap of steps taken:
--Replaced ice maker with OEM
--Fixed wiring at the bottom of door (all wires, even the ones that looked bad)

Performed these steps in diagnostic mode:
47: Ice Tray Termistor - 01
44: Harvesting Test - 12 then 22
45: Water Fill Test - works (fills tray)
48: Ice Bucket Detection - 02
01: FC Termistor - 01 (Pass)
02: RC Thermistor - 01 (Pass)

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem could be? I am out of ideas.

Thank you,
Hi Ozzy,

Here's the OEM ice maker for your model:
W10873791 Ice Maker

If you're absolutely sure no MORE wires are frayed or broken, DO PATH 1 below. I'm attaching the ice maker troubleshooting manual below as well.

Service Diagnostics
Functional checks of all components required for proper operation of the IM can be completed through Service Diagnostics. Refer to the Service sheet for the refrigerator for instructions on operating Service Diagnostics.
NOTE: Diagnostic Step 48 – Icemaker – Ice Bucket Detection Switch – Does Not Work

Troubleshooting Paths
Complete the preliminary checks prior to troubleshooting. Then proceed down the appropriate path.
--->Path 1 - If there is ice or water in the ice tray, proceed to Path 1.

--->Path 1 starts on Page 8. 10)
--->If 14VDC is present, replace the Ice Maker.


  • Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker.pdf
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Thank you for the information.

This is embarrassing. I waited about 3 hours after repairing the wires, the ice maker had not produced any ice, or moved at all. So I thought it was still not operational and wrote on this blog then went to bed. Then I got up this morning and there was ice. Guess I was just too impatient (as usual).

Thank you for the advice. This is a great forum.

Excellent Ozzy, glad to hear its making ice.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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