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Whirlpool WRX986SIHV Refrigerator runs constantly


Oct 1, 2021
Fort Worth
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a Whirlpool WRX986SIHV refrigerator. It is just over two years old and purchased the extended warranty with it. Lately I have noticed this thing seems to run non stop. The refrigerator is cold and the freezer is freezing. It is not making any loud sounds, it just seems to be running all the time. I checked the door seals and those seem fine. I blew out all the dust bunnies from the coil but this thing still continues to run. I called Whirlpool warranty and they said that it is normal for a newer refrigerator to run almost all the time. I also read something similar on the internet. I turned the temp on the refrigerator up all the way and it did stop running. The refrig and freezer temps are set to recommended 37/0. Let me clarify that when i say its running constantly I specifically mean the fan(s) are running. I am not sure if the compressor is running all the time or not.

I do not recall this behavior but its possible I just never noticed.

Is this normal operating behavior or is this something that needs looked at? The problem being is that if I get a repair person to come out and there is nothing wrong with it I will be charged I assume a service call fee where otherwise the work would be covered under the warranty.

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I turned the temp on the refrigerator up all the way and it did stop running.
The refrigerator is designed to save energy and by using variable speed fans and an inverter or variable speed compressor, the control can run the fans rather than the compressor to maintain the temperatures. The fans might run more often but not 100% of the time. It also depend on the ambient temperature. The higher the temperature the more often the fans and compressor will run. If you hear the fans running 100% of the time, there might be an issue. If you do occasionally hear the fans turn off, it's probably normal.

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