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FIXED Whirlpool WTW4616FW1 washer not agitating

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Dec 21, 2021
Chicago area
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1-5 years
My Whirlpool WTW4616FW1 is not agitating. I hear it making a clicking sound, but I can tell the drum is not moving side to side. It does spin to drain the washer after the rinse cycle. I'm wondering if it is the actuator. This was replaced once before, but I believe the issue was that it wasn't spinning. It seems to spin fine, but doesn't agitate. Thank you for any help!!
I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

You can get into the ACTIVATING THE SERVICE DIAGNOSTIC TEST MODES and see what fault codes you get, if any.

On Page 2 of your tech. data sheet do: ACTIVATING THE SERVICE DIAGNOSTIC TEST MODES

Then do FAULT CODE DISPLAY MODE on Page 3--->Then you can see what fault code/codes you are getting on Page 6 and Page 7: FAULT/ERROR CODES

If you do get a fault code, clear it per Page 3 and start a test cycle without clothes in it and see if you get a fresh error code.
2. To clear fault codes:
--->Turn cycle selector knob until the status LEDs flash ON and OFF (see figure 2, page 2).
--->Press and hold the START button for 3 seconds to clear all fault codes and exit Fault Code Display Mode.

Here's the shift actuator for your model, if needed:
W10913953 Actuator



  • Tech Sheet - W10740624 - Rev B.pdf
    2.9 MB · Views: 103
Thank you!!!
I tried running the automatic test mode. It looks like ot didn't trigger any errors. Going to try running a load with no clothes and see if it triggers an error.
Ok, sounds like a plan.

So I went to replace the actuator and I saw this plastic part poking out of the side. I assume I am going to need the splutch kit? Could this solve the problem?
Thank you!
The splutch was the issue. There was a lot of wear on one of the components, and created this ring of plastic from one of the parts. Thank you for the help Jake!!
Excellent, glad to hear the new splutch cam kit fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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