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FIXED Whirlpool WTW4816FW2 seemingly stuck on Wash cycle - The solution that worked for me

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Oct 29, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
I decided to post here because I never found a clear cut answer for this issue, however I would see it asked in various locations. I will begin by speaking about the lead up to my repair.

My washer is a WTW4816FW2 purchased from Lowe's about two years ago. Have not had a single issue with it, it was working fantastically. Then about a month ago, I would go to the washer and find that the clothes were sitting in a sopping heap at the bottom, water pumped out and the wash light was on. Sometimes, it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. Eventually, two weeks ago, it kept repeating this cycle over and over. I researched, of course, and found out about the tech manual inside the front panel. I did the diagnostics: Calibration, Automatic Test mode and Error code. The error I was receiving was a Main Control fault, calibration and automatic test modes were fine. So, I skipped straight to buying a new main control board. I installed it, washed a load on warm. It worked! Washed a second load on cold. Same issue.

I decided to run an Affresh Cleaning cycle to see if the washer would perform this. It did. It filled. It agitated to do the cleaning. I was deeply perplexed by this time, because I realized my washer's parts were working fine, but the wash cycle was not starting. While I was waiting for the Affresh cleaning cycle, I perused the tech manual more thoroughly.

I was so focused on the tech diagnostic modes, I did not notice a blurb in the manual about the fact that there are 3 Customer viewable error codes. One of those being the Wash light. What I thought was happening was that the washer would be sensing for 15-20 minutes (which seemed long), and then it would try to wash, but pump out instead and get stuck on Wash mode with no agitation.

What my washer was actually telling me was an error. The Wash light being on after a pump out indicates a No Fill error. In my case, the washer was taking far too long to fill and it would pump out after so many minutes and display the Wash light error.

So, my first course of action with this new information was to check the water hoses and the inlet valves. I had read randomly somewhere that the valves could get gunked up. But since I was receiving water, I really didn't think this had been the case. Well, after I removed the water hoses, I peered into the filters and saw a major build up in the filter of the cold water valve. I could not get the filter out, so I ended up removing the valve assembly and taking it over to the sink to wash it out. I used a medicine syringe from when the kids are sick, and I squirted water into the filter to wash out the debris.

I reinstalled the valve assembly and hoses. I cleared the error codes and ran a calibration just for the heck of it.

And then my washer worked again.

In hindsight, I realized that it must have worked on the first load after the main control board change out because I did a smaller test load and used warm water, which was filling from both hot and cold.

So, in the event of the washer sensing, filling, emptying, and then just being stuck on the wash light: It's a No Fill error. Check your valves, filters, and make sure the water supply is proper FIRST. Then go onto the next steps. This may be common knowledge to appliance repair pros, but for someone like me who can read instructions and follow videos, but not know the ins and outs of appliance repair, it was a good lesson to learn. Hopefully this may help someone else.
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