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FIXED Whirlpool WTW4950XW3 makes loud grinding noise during Rinse cycle

Hi Ben,

It sounds like your hub underneath the washplate is the culprit, remove it and see if the teeth have grinded down on it.

Here's the hub for your model you can order, its located underneath the washplate:
W10528947 Hub

Here's the video that shows this problem below, yours sounds the same, so I'll pretty guarantee that hub is the problem.:)

To remove the washplate: Watch this video below, wiggle the washplate while pulling it up, some are on tight, use force if it won't pull up easy.

Thanks Jake, I would not have thought of that. I'll pull out the washplate and take a look.
I pulled up the washplate to inspect the hub. It looks to be in good shape to me:



The teeth on the underside of the washplate also appear to be in good condition:



- - - Updated - - -

Underneath the cap on the top side of the washplate, there appears to be a good deal of caked-on gunk or melted O-ring, I can't tell which:



I cleaned off all the gunk and some hair that had gotten twisted around the shaft. Haven't tested it yet but to my amateur eyes that doesn't appear to be the cause of the problem. Do you have any other ideas of what it could be?

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Ben, you have to remove that hub completely to see if the teeth on it is worn down.

Remove that plastic clip and screws that you seen in the photo.

Look at post#5 here: FIXED: 110.21302013 Rubbing or grinding type noises during spin cycle He took a photo of that hub where you can clearly see the teeth on the hub grinded down.

I have no idea what that is you are holding in your last photo, but its not any part of your washer.

Ah whoops, my bad.

Here are some pics of the underside of the hub. It doesn't look like the teeth are worn down all that much if at all:



20180902_190903 (2).jpg

If anything, it looks like the metal shaft is worn down a tad bit, although not very much:


I did notice that there is a bit of grease worked in down among these parts. Could that be causing the teeth on the hub to slip?
Yes, that is odd, it seems your hub teeth aren't grinded down hardly at all.

It looks more like the transmission shaft teeth are grinded down worse. Yes it does look like too much grease.

I'd say order the transmission and the hub.

Here's the transmission for your model you can order:
W11035747 Gearcase

Here's the video that shows how to replace it here: Transmission Replacement Video

Nuts, I was really hoping for a $20 fix!

Thanks for all the help Jake, I'll let ya know how it goes.

You were spot on about checking the splutch cam area. I pulled out the machine and inspected the bottom of it. Found that the drive belt had come halfway off the pulley and was slicing through the plastic shield. The nut holding the splutch cam kit on was very loose.



I removed and inspected the pieces of the kit as shown in the video you linked, and all looked like they were in good condition.




20180912_162840 sharp.jpg

---see next post---
I tightened the nut, placed the drive belt back on and closed everything up.


I had the wife run a test load, and all started well but after a short time in the spin cycle the grinding started up again but this time even worse. It was so loud it actually scared my kids and they ran into another room. I took a quick look underneath and the belt has slipped halfway off the pulley yet again and is digging even further into the plastic shield. The nut has also become loose again.

Is the remedy here just to replace the entire splutch cam kit and drive belt?

Did you already replace the hub I posted in post#2?

If not, order and replace that first.

Your teeth look fine on the splutch.

Did you already replace the hub I posted in post#2?

If not, order and replace that first.

Your teeth look fine on the splutch.

Not yet, I will order it today. Do you think that could be causing the drive belt to slip off its pulley, though?
The hub? Or the splutch?

How tight did you tighten that bottom transmission nut? It has to be super tight, I use a impact wrench on the ones I do, and the belt never slips off the transmission pulley.

An impact wrench (also known as an impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun) is a socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user.

How tight did you tighten that bottom transmission nut? It has to be super tight, I use a impact wrench on the ones I do, and the belt never slips off the transmission pulley.
Ah in that case, not nearly tight enough hehe. I just used a hand socket wrench and definitely nowhere close to as tight as an impact wrench would get it. I'll try again.

The hub? Or the splutch?
Yeah I was asking about the hub, because it didn't look as if it was contributing to the problem at all. Was just wondering why that is still a recommended replacement.
Yes, many others have said that grinding noise was fixed after they replaced the hub, and since your splutch teeth look fine and not worn, then I'd say the hub is causing that noise.

Went in and re-tightened the transmission nut as tightly as I could by hand, ran a small load and SUCCESS! No grinding sound! I'm pretty sure that the drive belt cutting through the plastic shield as it turned is what was causing the noise. I'm going to borrow the neighbor's impact wrench and tighten the nut even further over the weekend along with some Loctite and hope that resolves the issue for good.
That's interesting, I haven't run access one that the transmission nut came loose that far to causing the grinding noise in the tub when it was agitating. It sounded like the grinding noise was coming from in the tub.

Now I have seen that bottom plastic shield cut up when that transmission nut comes loose completely and falls off.

Good find.:)

Hmm well maybe the nut being loose was causing everything else to go out of whack and make that noise. I'll definitely keep an eye on things and see how it goes.

Thanks for all the help Jake, you are awesome! You saved me hundreds of dollars in repair costs (and taught me a few things about washing machines to boot)!

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