Whirlpool WTW4950XW3


Sep 7, 2015
United States
Bought this machine 3 or so years ago from AAFES as I'm retired USAF. While still under warranty, a seal failed and needed to be replaced along with the associated bearing on the drum. A little after a year of ownership, the washer started not spinning or draining. Called the same repairman that replaced the seal and had him come look at it. Charged us $75 to tell us it passed all diagnostics. I patiently explained diagnostics or not there is something wrong with this washer. He suggested I call Whirlpool to see what they say. Huh? If I have a problem with my car and the mechanic told me to call the manufacturer to get an idea what is wrong with it, I'd find another mechanic. Unfortunately, there is only 1 appliance repair company with 100 miles of our home. I talked to Whirlpool and finally got them to cover all the parts. Tech replaced the control board, drive motor, lid locked light, and still could not figure out what was wrong. He finally talked to someone at Whirlpool that suggested replacing an shift actuator (I think) and that fixed the problem. I told my wife next time this thing starts to act up, make strange noises, it's getting replaced. Lowe's is delivering a new Samsung machine, with the Lowe's 3 tear extended protection plan, next Sunday. I've owned several Whirlpool appliances over the years and bought this past time based on previous experience. No more.
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