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FIXED Whirlpool WTW8900BC0 dreaded Sd code.


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Nov 20, 2022
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6-10 years
Whirlpool WTW8900BC0 with a SD code that comes up 14 minutes from the end of the cycle. Seems to make it to that point in the cycle consistently. Doesn't matter if there are clothes in it or not. Only workaround I've found so far is to cancel the cycle and run a Rinse/Drain/Spin cycle to finish.
Im at a loss for what it could be. Drum turn freely with one hand, agitator has some resistance but seems to turn smoothly. I did notice today that during the rinse cycle, there is a bit of a clunking noise when the agitator changes direction. It's always had a small clunk when it does that, but seems a bit louder

Update: the Rinse Drain Spin option stalled today as well. Put it into diagnostic mode and saw it had the F71 code which aligns with the fault. Ran an automatic diagnostic and it hung at C8 for about 5 minutes (Drain to basket engaged plus times drain for 10 seconds. "Best" led on.). The pump ran continuously while it was in that C8 test, maybe 5 minutes before I pushed the button again to move to the next step. During C8, the agitator would bump back and forth about 1/12 of a turn the entire time.

The recommended procedure it lists says, "If water is not draining, go to Manual: Pumps test, page 2. If basket does not engage, determine cause of friction."

It drains, so I don't think it's a pump concern. I'm a bit unclear on the basket engagement and what they mean by that?

Under the F71 code, it mentions that F71 may signify "mechanical friction on drive mechanism not allowing basket to engage.". What is the basket, and what engages or disengages? I thought it was essentially a direct drive off the stator, though I've never been quite clear on how the agitator and drum turn independently...
Another update: I've discovered that when the agitator is moving back and forth during C8, if I each in and 'help' it spin one time each direction, it proceeds to the next test on its own. Suspect something tight on the shaft causing excess friction...
Yet another update:. Pulled the agitator and disassembled the hub. Found the inner piece of the hub completely worn out and would spin on the shaft. On my way to pick up a new one now. Fingers crossed!


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Found the hub at a local appliance repair shop for $26 and change. Installed and re-ran the diagnostic. At the end of the C8 test, the agitator went from bumping back and forth to actually engaging the drum and bumping it both directions. I'm fairly confident that was the issue and currently running a rinse cycle (successfully) now.

Thanks to this site once again! You guys rock!
Yes, usually the SD error code is the hub.

Thanks for the updates on yours, and glad to hear the new hub fixed it.(y)

Here's the basket hub for your model, in case others need it too:
W10820039 Basket Hub

For others following your thread--->There is a Video Included in the basket hub Part link that shows you HOW TO remove and replace it.
Thanks, Jake.

Can you (or anyone else) explain how the drive mechanism works on these washers? I've had it apart changing bearings and seals, and now this hub, but I still don't understand how the stator and a single shaft can move the agitator and tub separately some times and together at others?
I'm attaching the Theory of Operation pages below.:)


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That's awesome, and now that I see it, makes perfect sense now! Can't thank you enough for this info!
Glad to help!
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