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Wine fridge not cooling in lower zone


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May 14, 2017
Cape Canaveral, FL
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Magic Chef
6-10 years
Wine fridge was working fine. Lower fan started making noise, like blades were hitting the cage protecting it. Took the bottles out and tapped on it to confirm that the noise was coming from it, it was. After that, the lower section of the fridge stopped cooling. The upper maintains its proper temperature, but the bottom doesn't. Any ideas what my problem is?
The fan is NOT currently running and hasn’t since I touched the housing. I took the four screws out to see if it would alleviate the noise problem and when it didn’t, I put the screws back in, and that’s when the fan stopped working. It was definitely the fan was causing the noise, when I touched the fan housing, the noise would stop.
I don't have any personal experience with that appliance design but I'd hazard a guess that that motor should be running when it should be cooling. Someone likely needs to find out why it isn't.

Dan O.
Thanks Dan, is it possible one of the other techs may have some input? I saw a post with a similar problem to mine, but it was the upper unit that wasn’t cooling and it was suggested to replace the fan unit. I think it may have been Jake that suggested that.

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