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WJSR2080T6WW GE washer will agitate but not spin


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Apr 5, 2014
United States
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I washed a load of clothes and when the washer was done I noticed the clothes were still very wet. They weren't pressed up against the side of the washer either. There was also a burnt smell in the washer. The next time I washed the clothes the same thing happend. I ran the washer with the lid open and noticed that it agitates but since the clothes weren't pressed up against the side I'm thinking that it is not spinning. Also when the washer is off the drum or bin doesn't spin freely. I think I remember in the past that it used to spin freely but I couldn be remembering that wrong. Anyways, any ideas on what is wrong and how to fix the washer? Thanks in advance for the help.
are you missing a sock? sounds like you have something between the inner tub and outer tub... the burning smell is the belt slipping.
Yes, Keith is correct, if nothing is stuck/jammed in between the inner and outer tubs, then check your belt anyway, it just may be worn out.

Also, when you have the front access panel off put your washer in spin and see if the belt is turning or not.

Here's the belt for your model(Access/Install video included):
GE WH1X2026 Drive Belt

Ok, that video helped me to see the problem.

The problem is your clutch is stripped.

Here's the clutch for your model you can order:
GE WH5X256 Clutch & Clip Assembly

Here's a help video to replace it:


Thanks, So I replaced the clutch and it worked until this weekend. The same thing started happening. Could it be the clutch again? The big wheel at the back is hard to turn clockwise. Could that be why the clutch can't turn it and fails?
Yes, it sounds like the clutch again, and yes if the transmission pulley is hard to turn it will cause the clutch to keep going bad.

Here's the transmission assembly for your model you can order:
WH38X10002 Transmission and Brake Assembly



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