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WM2233HW - spin cycle for ~2 hours now


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Oct 9, 2017
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More than 10 years

I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

This all started when the washer started making noise during tub rotation (usually agitate and spin) after having a heavy towel in there by itself, which threw a UE code. I replaced the shocks even though they seemed OK. The noise continued and actually got a bit worse.

Then, the connection from rotor to the tub shaft failed, so I replaced the rotor assembly tonight. I thought for sure that was the real problem.Got it all installed and ran a rinse and spin cycle just to get the thing to do something. It went fine until it got to spin. It was stuck at 9 minutes for probably a half hour. Then, it made its way down to 4 and it still stuck there right now. This is all with no clothes in it. I'm not sure if it's going to finish or end up throwing a code.

I gather it is repeatedly trying to fill a bit with water, rotate a bit, then try to spin again because it's not happy with load distribution. The unit is level from the top. The springs at the top are not broken. There is no notable vibration when in it does try to ramp up.

There is an intermittent noise coming from the back of the unit when we get to the higher speed spin cycle, though. It's similar to the noise that started this whole thing. Sort of like something starts rubbing, almost sounds like popping popcorn but louder. It starts to spin down after that, so I think it's not happy with the spin.

It's an old machine, so maybe the bearing is getting cranky but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it trying to balance a load that doesn't exist. It seems to be draining OK. It was able to drain the water from the main rinse cycle just fine. Water is filling\draining where it seems like a pump is running, rather loudly.

I'm sort of lost at this point. Can someone point me in a direction on where to go next?
FWIW, here is a video of the noise I was talking about.

I stopped the first rinse\spin cycle. checked to make sure all the bolts were tight on the stator. Re-installed the rotor and am now running another rinse\spin cycle but on medium speed spin this time to see if it behaves differently

Thanks for any info!
Well, woke up this AM and the washer won't turn on at all. Something failed after I went to bed, I guess.

No new control boards are available anymore, but I did find one on eBay. Just wondering if now is the time to stop throwing money at this old washer..

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