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WM3670HWA LG Washer - Noise from new hot water hose


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Feb 3, 2023
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1-5 years
We live in a condo and our HOA had the bright idea to replace everyone's washer hoses since they were worried about leaking after one hose in one condo failed last year and caused water damage. So, a tech came by and replaced our hoses, and now there is a loud whining noise that comes from the hot water hose every time our washer fills (but not the cold water hose). We had never heard this noise before the lines were replaced, and it is *definitely* coming from the hot water hose and not the washer. We had the tech come by (who is not a washer or even appliance expert but just the management company's jack-of-all-trades tech) and he replaced the hoses with all new ones, but that did not affect the noise. I really did not look into this ahead of time, and now I am concerned that the hoses are not the right ones for our washer. 95% of the units in the building chose the "stock" washer (which was a cheaper GE model), we chose to upgrade to this LG because we liked the features and also have always had LGs and prefer the interface (we bought the unit new). I am concerned about three things, and am looking for advice on them:
1) Is it possible the hoses are only meant for the "stock" washer, and they are the wrong size for ours (they fit the connections snugly, but is the actual diameter of the hose wrong?), and could that harm the washer somehow?
2) Reading the manual, we might have voided the 10 year warranty by installing non-LG hoses...is that a valid concern of ours?
3) Is there anything we can do to rectify this ourselves (besides replacing the hoses with LGs)?
The noise is not all that bad, maybe just a little annoying, but we are concerned about the top 2 items above.

1) No

2) No

3) The only way I can see the hoses them self casing the noise is if they were 'flood stop', anti-flood hoses. I have no experience with them so I couldn't say if that was normal or not but if 2 different hoses acted the exact same way, that may be the case. I don't know if such hoses have to be installed in a particular flow direction or not. Maybe they were installed backward?

If they are just normal hoses (either rubber or braided stainless steel) and the sound is definitely coming from the hoses, someone needs to check the hose washers or filter screens at each end of the hose and any filter screen in the water fill valve where the hose attaches on the machine. Maybe there's a partial blockage?

There also might be a problem with the plumbing. Make sure the hot tap is turned on sufficiently.

We live in a condo and our HOA had the bright idea to replace everyone's washer hoses

Have you asked any neighbors if they are experiencing something similar with their laundry equipment?

Dan O.

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