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Wolf DF304 NG to LP


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Mar 21, 2023
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More than 10 years
Hi I have a 30in Wolf DF304 I'm looking to convert from NG to LP. Wolf tells me due to its age its a "liability" and will not sell me a conversion. I've done some research, it seems simple enough to convert the regulator to LP. My question is of anybody could lead me in the correct direction for orifice sizing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
#1 it's not simple although with only 4 burners it is easier. 801692 from any authorized SZ/Wolf parts distributor.
Yea thats what I'm hearing. Serial number is 011168313..... unfortunately
Cannot find the part # anywhere. Even the #'s for the individual orifice's don't show up, or the seal kit for the small burner. I can give you the #'s for the seal kits and orifices but I don't think it would help.
Relatively recently. Long story short, it started life as an LP unit. When I bought it I confirmed as such on the identification sticker. It wasn't until I went to install it that I saw under the stove the wolf sticker stating its had an NG conversion.
Sometimes the person doing the coversion will leave the old orifices under the top instead of giving them to the homeowner
Is there a service manual or walk though on removing the top? Figured I'd ask before stumbling my way through it
Remove the burner heads. Check that the nut holding the cap to the head is tight. Remove the venturi-7/8 hex head socket-( when reinstalling tighten to 100" lbs) lift the ring off & unplug ignitor. Try your best not to destroy the O-ring. Lift off the top. Those O-rings are probably the reason for the refusal on the conv. kit. Before you start you might want to check that all four burner heads are secure to the top. They had a tendency to lift and then warp.
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Whelp, it was wishful thinking but sadly there are no orifices under the top. Any other advise or am I sadly out of luck?
Just for shits and giggles. What do you think the chances are if I buy a conversion for serial 170xxxx I can rob the orifices from it?

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