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Wolf Dual Fuel DF48 Oven Temperature stops at 350


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May 25, 2020
Model Number
Wolf DF486
More than 10 years
Wolf Dual Fuel oven temp while in Bake mode set to 350, will rise to 350 and all the while the display switches back and forth from the set temperature (350) to the actual temp as it heats. Once it reaches set temp red light goes out (no longer calling for heating element) and signal sounds to alert that temp was reached. But at that point raising the set temp to a higher temp, let's say 375, the red light goes on but the actual temp as measured by several oven thermometers, does not change and the display no longer switches between the actual and set temps, only displays set temp. Eventually the red light goes out but the alert never sounds.
I have tested in diagnostic mode and all elements test OK. There were no errors set.
Why doesn't oven reach a higher temperature? Why does the display no longer switch back and forth between set temp and actual temp?
Any thoughts? Control Board?
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